Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm reeling a bit, having shared so much in my post We're All Walking.  Y'all still think I'm okay, right?  Ah, vulnerability...

And there are some weird things going on on my blog: some comments are not posting, although they get emailed to me.  And the post about Ayden's birthday somehow deleted the photo I had uploaded to it!  Grrr.


Louise Chapman said...

Blogger had a major problem about two days ago and comments that were published at that time disappeared. The posts went away and came back but the comments were gone. Was it then?

Vulnerability is good.

ms emili louann said...

Yeah, blogger is a douchebag lately. No worries :)

And dude, I felt the same way with my "little post" the other week. But if someone is judging you, you don't need them.

I, for one, love your ability to share. There are so many woman who support and care for you - never feel like you must hide and gloss over things. Life's hard at times! Motherhood especially!! Enjoy the crap out of the pleasant times, and feel safe when you need to break. It's all good :)

melissa said...

Yes, it was from a few days ago! Thanks for letting me know about the blogger problems. I guess that's what you get for free? Lol.

Thanks for saying vulnerability is okay! I've been antsy all day. =)

Rachel Clear @ Clearly Speaking said...

Anything that was posted (or commented on) from 7am Wednesday to like 10pm Thursday was lost in a Blogger glitch. They have restored (most) posts, but not comments. Bummer. :)

I haven't read your latest post, so I'm gonna now.