Thursday, June 2, 2011

3 Months Old

Amarys turned three months old yesterday.  What a sweetie she is!  It is hard to imagine what we did with ourselves before she was here.  It is amazing how much sparkle and life each kid fills us up with, and how quickly they become so integrated into your life that you can't conceive of the world without them as a central figure.  Before they arrive you worry about whether you will have enough to give them, of everything, and a few hours after they are born your life and everything you have to give has expanded to fit them.  Amazing.
Amarys has given us the go-around.  Colic?  Check.  Purple crying?  Check.  Sensitive to foods in mommy's diet?  Check.  Demanding?  CHECK.
What she really needed was time to get used to life earthside.  A few weeks and she didn't cry for as long or hard, and then a few weeks more and she was only fussy in the evenings, and a few weeks more and now we're at the point where she is getting used to life and can cope better.  Her digestive and neurological systems matured a bit and now she's not so prone to freakouts.  She still cries often enough that I sometimes get to the point where I no longer hear her, but its not the make your ears ring cry.  And she generally has a fixable problem now: dirty bum, empty tummy, sleepy body.  Or sometimes, lonely.  She likes to be held.  Who doesn't?  I mean, besides my sister.  I'm happy to comply.  I know how fast they grow and move beyond the snuggle-me-always stage.
She's bright and alert, and sleeps less during the day than your average three month old baby.  Her expression is still often suspicious, but if she catches the eye of one of her beloved family members that look vanishes and she grins and wiggles around, and her eyes sparkle.  She just recently started laughing out loud, which is the best music nature ever invented, and today she discovered blowing bubbles.  All day was one big long fart noise.
Ppppppppppppppppppttttttttttttttttttt! Pppppppppppppppppttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!
She's a particular soul.  She is remarkably loving.  She trusts us all, already.  She's quite enraptured with the busy chaos surrounding her on a daily basis.  And she always has someone to play with.  =)

-her brothers
-her bouncy chair
-car rides
-walks, especially in the stroller where she can see everything
-being talked to/with (she likes the back and forth cooing, like a real conversation in baby talk)
-soft patting on her head or hand while she falls asleep
-being upright, sitting or being held
-sucking her fists

-loud noises, especially yelling right beside her (and particularly mommy's angry voice which is employed to keep certain boys in line)
-being startled
-being kicked, rolled on, landed on, having rocks dropped on her face (once I tossed a rather large pebble out the door of the van and it landed on her head: oops!), or toys dropped on her lap, and other numerous little boy 'accidents' that just seem to happen when you have three older brothers
-not being held
-unfamiliar environments, unless she's held closely by mommy or daddy
-being held by unfamiliar people anytime after 5 p.m. (and she's not polite about it)
-waiting for my milk to let down
-sputtering and choking when my milk lets down
-the taste of milk puke

She's working on rolling from back to front, she sucks her fists continually when she's not making Ppppppppptttttttttttttttt! noises, and just today I caught her staring at her foot as though saying,

I think that thing belongs to me....

She will work hard to capture the attention of someone if the are near her but looking away.  She communicates clearly what she needs and when she needs it.  And although she makes us work for our money during the day, she makes up for it by sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG!!!  Her minimum nighttime sleep is eight hours, usually more like ten hours, and sometimes as long as twelve hours.  She sleeps like her dad: as though she were comatose.  She looooooooves her sleep!  And what does she do after ten to twelve hours of sleeping?  Have a quick snack and then quickly go back to sleep for her heaviest and longest nap of the day!  I mean, wouldn't you be exhausted after all that sleeping, too?!
She will take a soother when she is tired, to help her fall asleep.  But if she's not drifting off to sleep she's not interested in sucking and will spit it politely back out if you try and put it in her mouth.  In fact, she will often try to block it from entering her mouth at all if she's not ready for it.
She deals with my strong milk flow by popping on and off, spitting my breast out of her mouth much as she does with the soother: her tongue pushes the offending object forward and out!  She also pops on and off while searching for flow when she first latches on and has to wait for my let down.  She's so funny.  It's like she's thinking,

I know it's around here somewhere!  Where did all the milk go....

and then

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh milk milk milk gulp gulp gulp sputter, WTF?!  SLOW DOWN, PEOPLE!  


I love her, I love her, I love her.  She smells delicious, she's bald on one half of her head and not the other, she needs me constantly, her thighs are roly poly, her bellybutton is an inny, and her pinky toes still poke out sideways at right angles to her feet all the time.  I love her, I love her, I love her.

And her eyes are still blue.


Caryn Ouwehand said...

Oh my good golly.

Wonderful post. She is so stinking adorable... especially the comb-over.

Sandra said...

Awww, she is sooo cute! Wow, my baby will also be 3 months soon! Amarys is only 6 days older than Lineah. Time goes fast! <3

Sandra said...

Yay!! I could comment!! =D

Louise Chapman said...

She's so cute and I'm so jealous about the amount of sleep you get out of her! I know she makes you work hard during the day but wow, at night, that's amazing. You can be a normal person!

Louise Chapman said...
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Jen said...

Holy cuteness!!! It's amazing to me the depth of a mother's knowing and love of her child in such a short time. What a great post.