Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mini Break

Last weekend I had a mini vacation.  My cousin Sara had her annual Gala fundraiser for Breast Cancer in Victoria, so I sent my boys to grandma's house and I packed up Amarys and walked on the ferry to help with the Gala.  My father in law dropped us off Friday morning because he works in the next city over from the ferry, and the best time for him was 7 a.m.  Our ferry didn't leave until 9 a.m., and he was apologetic, but I was all,
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Two hours to myself with no boys to run around after and no questions to answer?  This sounds like utopia to me.  Amarys slept in my Ergo carrier, and I listened to Cold Play on my Ipod and crocheted.  And then I listened to Snow Patrol.  And then Sufjan Stevens.  Wintersleep.
Then we got on the ferry and what did Amarys do for the 90 minute ferry ride?  Slept!  I crocheted some more.  Read my book.  Wow, I haven't had four hours so relaxing in years.  I'm an introvert, see?  Four hours to myself is like winning the lottery when you're an introvert with four small children.  Everyone likes time alone.  I think I like it more than everyone.
My cousin picked us up on the other end, and we hustled around getting the last minute Gala items done.  I donated 6 of my toys to the silent auction, and they all sold to the two six year olds at the fundraiser: so cute!  One bought three aliens, the other bought a lion, a spider, and a fish.
The Gala was great, very well organized, and fun!  We had to compete with the hockey game though.

Next morning I stayed in bed til 10.  Amarys woke me up around 7:30, but because her food is stuck to my chest I didn't actually have to get out of my bed until whenever I got too hungry to lay about and read my book anymore.  We visited, ate some good food, and I came back on the ferry that night.  Wow, was that ever awesome!  I loved to go, and I loved to come back.  It was a great vacation.  It was a great visit.  And a great Gala.  Funny how when Ayden was little I used to think he was So Much Work, and now getting away with Amarys is as good as a weekend by myself.  Its the most relaxing thing I can think of to do.  What was I thinking?  One kid?!?!  Some diapers and a boob and you're good to go.

My aunt bought Amarys that big flower headband I posted a few days ago.  Smashing, isn't it?  I have wanted one of those since the MINUTE she was born.

Speaking of hockey games, did everyone see what happened yesterday?  I mean, its one thing to lose a stanley cup [when you want it bad, but really, in this series, we didn't deserve it after our performances in Boston], and its entirely another to destroy downtown Vancouver with a massive, hours long riot, smashing every window in downtown, looting department stores, overturning vehicles, and setting them on fire.  Over 150 people were injured, and there was at least one fatality.  It was mayhem.  I knew it would be, if we lost, given that the same thing happened in 1994, the last time the Canucks lost the playoffs.....
Way to go, idiots.  Way to make a mother proud.


Maybe they all need a mini break?


Deb said...

Was your hubby working downtown that night?

melissa said...

No he wasn't thank goodness. I didn't want him anywhere near the cop hating madness. He had volunteered to go, but worked day shifts so they wanted him on his regular shift pattern.

Amber said...

I find myself looking forward to dentist appointments these days, because I get time to myself in the chair. Or, at least, when I can't be expected to do anything other than lie there with my mouth open. I clearly need a mini break, huh?

melissa said...

Lol, Amber you make me laugh! Yes, a trip to the dentist really can be something to look forward to these days!! Clearly a 24 hour mini trip to Vic on the ferry is what the doctor ordered....

Deb said...

I love getting my legs waxed for the same reason - nothing better than lying down for 1/2 hour while someone pulls all the hair out of my legs...RELAXATION!! Quite! Lovely!

And I'm glad he was safe - I was thinking of you guys!