Saturday, June 4, 2011

Perfect Day

Today was perfect.
[boy, did I need a perfect day after last week....stressful....]
Lets start with yesterday.
Drop off big boys at school, take Riley to Strong Start.  Awesome.  Go home, wake up Brent and have lunch.  Hang out, lie down on my bed with Amarys and relax while Brent and Riley pick up the boys from school and go to the park for an hour.  Brents mom arrives and takes ALL FOUR of my kids (complete with a bottle and some of my milk) to her house for the evening.

When Riley was tiny he went everywhere with me, and I never wanted to be away from him.  Part of this was my anxiety; I had a hard time with him being across the room from me, let alone in another geographical location.  And part of this was that he was SO easygoing.  He came everywhere with me: book club, girls' night out, grocery shopping, doctor appointments...But Amarys is more intense, and sometimes I just need breaks from her.  It is a sign of how well controlled my anxiety is now, and how far I've come, for me to admit that and be absolutely fine with it.  I'm human.  She's a lot of work.  I need breaks.  This doesn't make me fell like a bad mom [it did with Matthew].

This is to preface the fact that i went out with my two closest girlfriends [as Cinco De Mommy says, "My Jugs"] with no kids.  YAY!  Brent went out with some friends too, hence the babysitting mother in law.  =)
The kids did fine.
I DID AWESOME!  Wow, the three of us talked so hard and long and fast it was like a pressure cooker with a melted lock had invaded all our lives and we'd finally poked a hole in the lid.  All of us have Big Life Things going on and it's been awhile since we got together.  I nearly cried because it was so nice to go out and be me with a couple of women who really *get* me, so we can talk about sex and kids and dogs and lawns and food and jobs and extreme couponing.
After dinner I picked up my kids and we came back to my house, I put my kids to bed, and we watched a movie.  Chick flick.  LIKE!

THIS day was the PREVIEW for today, can you believe it??
Perfect preview, perfect day.
Today was bright and sunny.  We ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the deck in 23, 28, and 24 degrees respectively.  We puttered around for a bit, then packed up the kids and a stroller and walked to the park.  I got pooped on by a crow, but otherwise it was beautiful and fun.  We walked home, BBQd smokies for dinner, and blissed out on the deck.  I love my kids, I love my hubby, I love my deck, I'm just so grateful.  So, so grateful to be here at this moment, in this hour, now.  Filled up and happy.  What can be better than three sandy boys and a purple faced baby girl all talking at once on the deck on an early summer evening?
I even made apple crisp for dessert, and Matthew helped me out.  He LOVES helping out around the house, and when Brent is home I can handle the kids helping me cook way more often than when he is working.

Bliss out.

♥ ♥ ♥


Tamie Fields Erdman said...

Every thumb up.

lori said...

Yippee for days like that! Kids, hubbies, and decks are good things. And blippets of time away from any of the aforementioned are also good.

And ha. I'm getting a kick out of Tamie's comment. Who's to say big toes don't actually count as thumbs, in some alternative universe?