Saturday, June 4, 2011

Quite Contrary

Our townhouse, which we sold last November and moved out of in January, was a part of a strata and had rules regarding the yard.  Despite our best attempts, we really had no room for a vegetable garden.  I'm overjoyed to now own our yard, and have room for veggies!  Square foot gardening is all the rage now it seems, so I'm trying my hand at that.  Here is a photo essay of the day I transformed a rather sad plot of evergreen bushes and dead annual entrails into a square foot garden with 24 plots....

I had several helpers.  Here is my first helper preparing himself for the hard
work of gardening with refreshments.  For a baleen such as Riley, it really
doesn't get much better than this...

I took some of these....

And added these....

To this.  With a few intermediary steps  =)
So this is the before photo of our garden plot.
Rather sad, as you can see.  It is located at the foot of our deck.

Helper #2: Hymen

Helper #3 prepares for hard work with a hardcore nap

Who can resist such cute helpers?

After I ripped out the evergreen bushes, transplanted the red foliage thing,
ditched the entrails, and broke up the hard packed soil

Helper #4: good for heavy lifting and eye candy
Said heavy lifting, which I added to the soil to fertilize naturally, a year
before we will have homemade, mature compost to mix in for healthy veggies

After the sea soil was mixed in~doesn't it look rich and beautiful?  What a

Helper #4 built me a frame for my square feet to mark off the different
veggie patches

Yours truly, in action!  Funny enough, the foot I'm planting in this photo
is the only one that fell flat.  I think the soil was too cold and wet for beans,
and the day after I planted it rained hardcore just to double the damage.

Completed garden!  Herbs bottom left, dill top left, tomatoes across the top
and lettuce far right.  The rest are seeds...
Also, I noticed today that my two cucumber plants (featured here top left,
second row from the lattice) are missing!!  Here there is 100% evidence
that I did, in fact, plant them, and yet where are they now??  Hmmmm,
some four legged thief?

GORGEOUS!  So much fun.  And we already eat
from it, because the herbs were ready to go that day
and have only gotten bushier!

The only downside to my square foot garden so far, aside from the stolen plants, is that I can't walk all the way around it for harvesting.  To reach my tomatoes, dill, and peas I have to step one foot on the frame and reach pretty far.
I have updated photos~radishes were the first to appear!  And now I have onions, beets, carrots, peas, zucchini....


Caryn Ouwehand said...

Love this!

lori said...

You are a brave woman to attempt gardening with a (gasp!!) three month old, new house, three boys, etc. etc. etc. By the way, I canNOT believe three months have gone by. Truly.

I am anxious to see how the SFG turns out for you! I don't know if you recall, but we had an onslaught of troubles, including deer and an unexpected grasshopper infestation - none of which were related to the style of gardening, of course. I really liked the SFG approach. It made gardening sensible and manageable in my brain instead of overwhelming.

I like the eye candy comment. :)

Sandra said...

This post is very inspiring! I also want to have a garden =0) I love the pictures and the eye candy comment is funny!

Jen said...

Well done!