Thursday, June 16, 2011

Top Ten

Top Ten parenting moments from this month:

1.  Amarys laughing out loud for the first time.
2.  Matthew helping Riley learn the alphabet
3.  Listening to Cold Play on the ferry while Amarys slept and my three boys had fun at gramma's house.
4.  Asking Riley, "How old do you think you will be when you are a big boy and stop having milkies from mommy?"  "Hmmmmm, when I really big like Ayden."  That made Ayden giggle (and eight is too old for me, to breastfeed...other moms can knock themselves out, but for me?  Not so much).
5.  Jumping on the trampoline with my kids for the first time.  When we first got the trampoline I was eleventy billion months pregnant, and then I was healing, and then I was....busy.  It was fun.  Everyone laughed.  There was some wrestling.
6.  Watching Matthew sound out, "I might be small but I think BIG" on Amarys' t-shirt.
7.  Being informed that "Scorpions aren't insects.  They are ARACHNIDS, mommy."
8.  Making apple crisp with Matthew.
9.  Hearing Riley say, "It otay, Amiss, I here.  It otay," when his sister cried.
10.  Nursing, and nursing, and nursing Amarys.  Every time I nurse her, I love her more.  Its not so much work now, and she's not distractible yet, so its just sweetness mixed with love.  Pure bliss.  ♥