Saturday, July 2, 2011

4 Months Old!

4 months

Amarys is 4 months old today!  What a sweet little sister.  She's growing like a weed~this is the last day she will be able to wear her 'little sister' shirt!  It's tugging at her shoulders like a lot of her 3 month sized clothes.  I cried today when I packed away some more of her clothes forever...
The last weigh in was two weeks ago, and she weighed 13 lbs, 7 1/2 oz, so I imagine she is 14 lbs by now.  She rolled over for the first time yesterday morning, from her front to her back, and she's working on sitting up for short periods.  She made a new discovery this week: TOYS!  She loves toys.  If we hand her a toy she grasps it and brings it to her mouth, and will remain occupied, fascinated, for several minutes until she accidentally drops it.  When she's not busy chomping on her toys, she's babbling.  BA BA BA BA BA DA DA DA DA DA WUB PHHHHHHHHHTTTTTT!

She thinks this flower might be a little over the top...

Toy elephant from daddy

Life is settling down for our littlest Vose.  I still can't eat cheese or lattes, but I can put cream in my tea once or twice a week without causing her pain.  She still sleeps like a dream at night, provided I don't have milk products in my supper!  She falls asleep around 9 p.m. and stays asleep until 6 or 7 a.m.  when she wakes up for a quick milk snack, then goes back to sleep for another two hours or so.  She's a sleep genius.  =)
The rest of her day she alternates between screeching, gnawing on toys, and giggling.  In a 50/40/10 ratio.  My ears ring many, many times a day, and I just might dip into her education fund to pay for my hearing aids from the audiological damage of listening to her scream up close....

A little apprehensive about Canada's 144th birthday

-the dog
-her brothers
-tickles on her upper torso
-social situations and stimulation
-television (!!!  I swear, she rarely watches it but if it's on, she is captivated!!!)
-being worn, held, tickled, raspberried, cuddled, and loved on

-diary proteins in mommy's milk
-being tossed in the air or startled
-being tired
-sitting for too long anywhere
-long car trips
-long stroller rides
-facing inwards when being worn.  For example, the Ergo carrier, which is my favourite because it is the most comfortable for me, is her least favourite because she has to face my chest the whole time she's in it.  A few times I have actually turned her around in it, which instantly makes her relax, but makes me worried because of course the Ergo is not intended to be used this way.  But sometimes it's a choice between screech in my ear, carry her on my hip and lose an arm, or turn her around.  I've done it twice out of desperation!
This gives me the opportunity to use the Bjorn a bit though; I paid too much for a really good Bjorn Sport carrier when I was pregnant with Riley and Brent always gives me a hard time about it.  Now it's getting some really good use, because Amarys is so insistent about facing out when being worn!
-Being squished in any manner.  She was like this when I was pregnant, too.  Anytime there was any pressure on my belly, she would squirm in discomfort and irritation, and she's the same now: if her leg is pinned, she squawks.  If her tummy gets compressed because she's sitting but leaning sideways, she screeches.  She arches her back when we put her in her carseat because she hates it so much, and being pinned down with one adult hand and buckled in with the other is Injustice Personified.  She's a particular soul, this Amarys.

We love you, Miss Particular....long awaited, much celebrated, often kissed, baby love... ♥


Jen said...

Precious, precious, beautiful baby girl!

lori said...

Great summation of the complex little being that is Amarys! We just can't know, can we, what we're getting with kids? I love that about them. Randomness x 1000.

Fun getting caught up on your blog, now that we've got the in-ter-web.