Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FUZZIBUNZ and pee catchin'

I tried Elimination Communication with Riley, but kind of got overwhelmed by the idea of learning a new system on my third kid [and a little knocked off course by post partum crazies], so I quit.  But I did use the principles of EC added to a hodge podge of other techniques when we approached toilet learning when he was ready.
Then I recently discovered that it is possible to do EC part time!  I was thinking it was an all or nothing type of deal, but some families do a little when they can, and diaper when they can't.  That sounds like my kinda deal.  Like, mornings when I wake up during the year I hit the ground running to take the kids to school.  I have time to nurse my two 'babies' but no time to potty them.  And very little motivation.  Mornings when I wake up during the summer I generally nurse and then lay in bed for a bit, missing optimal potty time.
I put Amarys on the toilet a few weeks ago and caught a giant poop.  Yesterday before her bath I popped her on while waiting for the tub to fill, and she peed!  And then today I took off a diaper and it was dry, and had been dry for almost an hour, so I knew she would likely use the potty if I pulled it out~and she peed again!  This could get addictive!  And the boys think she's so smart!  So cool.

My cousin also gave me a stack of her Fuzzibunz cloth diapers~I wanted to try and find a cloth system that Amarys' sensitive bum will tolerate so we can get away from tossing bags and bags of plastic disposables out every month....I washed my own diapers with the first two boys, used a diaper service for Riley, and planned to use the service again with Amarys.  Of course her skin couldn't tolerate the service diapers, so we hunted around for another option.  In the end we found ONE brand of disposable diapers that she could handle, and that has been that for four months.  But now we want to try again, wash our own so we can strip the diapers frequently, and since my cousin was finished with her skoukum quality all the rage Fuzzibunz, we decided to give them a try.
Day 2 of Fuzzibunz; it is SO NICE to cloth diaper again!  I love the cloth diaper bum.  I love the lack of a garbage problem.  I love that her skin so far is responding well.  We haven't done overnight yet, since we're still testing her skin, and likely we won't totally switch...unless I can get on the ball with early morning pottying, because she holds her pee all night.  You know, while she's sleeping all night like the dream sleeper she is.  Love to hate me, folks.  ;)   Don't worry, kharma is on the ball.  We do have a nearly seven year old with overactive immature bladder so it all evens out in the wash [pun fully intended].
Props to Sara for the diaps.  xo.

Also, I'm a volunteer leader at my kids' Summer Arts Camp this week so I'm fricksausted but it is fun.  There's a kid in my group who picks his nose and throws wailling fits when his team loses a relay, so its kind of like having a tasmanian devil in my care.  Fortunately I have three boys so one high energy boy is something I can take in stride.  I even know exactly how he operates, and how to approach it.  Patience with a capital P.  Repetition, redirection, lots of praise, catch him doing something positive and point it out, toss in a few potty jokes; cha CHING!  Do I know boys or what?!
I do better at short sprint volunteer sessions like summer camp, rather than long slow jogging like sunday school volunteer.

Amarys was left behind today, for five hours while I went to Arts Camp.  Brent had pumped milk and a bottle and a bottle averse baby, so we weren't sure how they would do (we had a contingency plan where Brent would bring her to me to nurse if she refused), but it went great!  The rest of the day she was all don't you dare leave the room I just got you back, woman!  She snuggled lots and nursed lots and now she's sleeping like a dream.  Can I just rub that in again?

Also: I got free glasses from Clearly Contacts dot ca, and three Dove deodorant sticks for FREE.  SCORE!  I love this couponing thing.  The glasses arrived today and the deodorant I got tonight.  I'm pumped!  Actually the deodorant was my first COUPON STACK experience (where you use more than one coupon combined to get the best deal): the deodorant was on for $1.50, regular $3.50.  I had a coupon for $2 off two Dove items, and another for $1 off Dove deodorant.  So I got two sticks of deodorant for free by combining the coupons.  PLUS there was an extra stick of men's Dove deodorant taped to one of the women's sticks so I used that one because: hello?  FREE!
I paid tax.  But still.


Amarys just jumped up a size in clothes so I'm agonizing as I put stacks of her clothes away for the last time.  I don't know why their baby clothes are so darn hard for me, but they are.  I want to keep them all for sentimental value!!

My brother's fiancee, Morgan, is having her baby in a few weeks so as soon as we find out if it is a boy or a girl I will give her my stacks and stacks of clothes so they can get freecycled again.
I'm suuuuuper excited to meet this new baby!!!  And soon!!!!  Yay for babies!
And yay that I never have to be pregnant again....that's not looking so appealing or nostalgia producing....
Maybe that will help me put this open grief behind me and move forward to raising babies instead of having babies.  A new phase.  A good one!  Gulp.

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ms emili louann said...

Oh yeah! Part time EC is the way to go. Though... I would probably fall under the *occasional ECer* column :) It's fun when you catch those pees and poos!

Fuzzi Bunz are the bomb-diggity. Ever since we went full time with Jonah, I am having a blast. So easy, and so cute. And, like you said, no smelly trash. Wondrous.

And I hear you about the sentimental attachment to babe's clothing. Every time I put their out-grown clothing away, I get misty.