Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Clothing Edition

Some heirloom dresses which have been waiting in closets
for me to have girl babies....getting dusty....until...

Pretty tulips

Hand smocking by nana, worn by Melissa and Megan (my sister)

Detailing on bonnet

The suspicious look, with toes

This tutu is no heirloom, but isn't she kick ass pretty?
My aunt Bonnie sent this one

Now THIS dress is heirloom; my mom wore this in 1952


With Great Uncle Leonard: who's the heirloom in this photo?

I came home from the hospital in this nightgown
when I was an infant, and it was hand embroidered
by my mom


Tonya said...

Love love love the heirloom dresses - the detail on those is amazing! The tutu one is awfully cute, must be that adorable girl you have! And that old man? Is he really my dad? :-) Glad you all got to spend some time together!

nancy said...

so, my 1st grandaughter wins the cutest 5 month old female worldwide for sure!
The smocked dress and bonnet is the ONLY thing I made specifically for my third child (too busy) so I hate to break it to you but that dress and bonnet never adorned your cute body!
If Birch kepps up her growth projectile, Morgan will be sending YOU hand me downs for Amarys! She now weighs 11`9``!