Saturday, August 20, 2011

Photogs, Family Edition

Vose kids


Family photo (serious edition)

(Goofy edition)

White Rock beach day

Big enough to sit at the table for family meals
(and very proud of herself)

These two have a remarkable relationship;
reciprocal adoration

I put Ammi down on the rug for a minute, and
when I came back she was profoundly asleep


Rob-o-SE-yo said...

I love these pictures. The lighting is beautiful, and your kids are super-sweet. Thank you for sharing them.

Jen said...

OMG your family is cute cute cute! LOVE the pics. Love the family shots, esp the goofy edition. Very good stuff.

melissa said...

These are awesome. It's crazy that Miss A. is already sitting at the table with the rest of you!

Louise Chapman said...

When you are all sitting together nicely, your family looks so much bigger! Usually everyone is all dispersed and running around:)

ms emili louann said...

Your family, Madame, is gorGEOUS.

nancy said...
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melissa said...

Thanks, lovelies. You're all awesome. xo. My kids are awesome. But I just realized there's a huge bandaid package in the top photo that totally wrecks it....grrrr....
Anyways, photog editions are always fun!