Sunday, August 14, 2011


Do you remember 2.5 years ago when I posted that I had lost my wedding and engagement rings?  We pulled the house and car apart, and gave up all hope of them turning up after we moved to our new house.  So sad.
Today Brent gave me my real anniversary gift, which wasn't ready in time for our anniversary:
He replaced the engagement ring.

YES!  It's good to be married again.  Or engaged, I guess.  One thing at a time.
It's beautiful, better than last time because I know how much I've missed it over the last two and a half years!!!

I'll post a photo tomorrow.

(Tomorrow is Riley's birthday.  He is three can you believe it?  I still call him 'Baby' all the time, and here he is picking my nose with his toes while nursing....and too long for my lap anymore....I hate when they grow up)

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nancy said...

happy birthday Riley! love you SO much