Sunday, August 14, 2011

Three Years Old

Riley is three.
My baby is three.
The delicious 10 pounder with chubby cheeks who never cried when he was a baby is a full fledged toddler.
Passionate about backhoes, tractors, excavators, and the colour pink.

He's no longer My VBAC Baby, but rather a blonde boy with a buzz cut and a mind of his own.

Riley is three!  He labouriously arranges his fingers to indicate his age, and then points them in your direction,
"Me already FREE!"  He started the day out right: 15 minute nursing session, then blackberry honey on toast.  He still likes his mommy milk, but we're tapering off.  One day soon, he will be done.  If asked sometimes he will say he will stop having milkies when he is eight, like Ayden, and sometimes he will say when he is three.  He runs, jumps, somersaults, climbs, rides his scooter, and throws anything very well, in general with lots of motivation to keep up with his two big brothers.  Said big brothers have been known to cower in a corner of the playroom while being whalloped with Light Sabres on more than one occasion.  Riley still has a lisp, still calls the dog "Hymen" and socks "hocks," but we've been working on 's' in a low pressure, off key way and he's getting there.  He can do some middle and nearly all final 's' sounds, but his initial 's' is all 'h.'

His pre reading skills are excellent.  He follows storylines, will pretend to sound out words by following text with his finger and talking about the story, and pretends to write his name.  He is also a very good artist.  His representations of people are pretty remarkable, and he loves to draw ovals.  Oval over oval over oval, and then pronounces them 'hircles.'  He can make a triangle with his fingers, and recognize a circle and a square.  He loves to draw, paint, and colour.
He is of course decidedly independent, with cries of "ME DO IT MINEHELF" ringing through the house day and night....three is the new two: I've always found three years old to be much more terrible than two years old, myself: the tantrums and cries for independence are louder, stronger, and longer.  But Riley is a remarkably easy going kid, so even these are pretty calm as far as three year olds go.  He's a good negotiator: "How about I brush mine teeth, then have lollipop?  No?  How about I brush mine teeth, you brush your teeth, and we both have lollipop?"  This can go on ad infinitum.

He is a sweetheart and very empathetic.  He's also very affectionate, and will throw his arms around people he loves, and spontaneously tell us he loves us.  There's not much on earth more rewarding that toddler love.  Because you know they just aren't pretending it.
His favourite colours are purple and pink.  He loves his pink Zhu-Zhu pet, chose purple with sparkles for his TV tray, and specifically requested pink and purple balloons, and a pink and purple heart shaped cake for his third birthday.  Enjoying our kids for exactly who they are, we celebrate his love of pink.  We don't believe in strict gender stereotypes and have tried to raise our kids to feel free to explore who they are and what they like without boxing them in.  So, a pink and purple heart shaped cake it is!!  And of course he's just as enamoured with his John Deere tractor gift as with his purple sparkly TV table.  ♥

Cars Movie and toys
Matchbox cars, especially vehicles with trailers
His entire extended family
Helping cook, clean, garden, and care for his little sister
Zhu-Zhu pets
Hex Bugs
Food of all kinds

Car trips
Changes in routine especially pertaining to bedtime
Brushing his teeth

We love you, Riley Baby.  ♥

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Jen said...

Happy Birthday, Riley!

What a great kid! Loved knowing more about him, in light of my own almost 3 year old.

Can't wait for him to meet Ella!