Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fave Tunes

I like music, but I'm not very good at keeping track of 'who' I like, what their names are, what the band names are, or the who/what/where/when.  This is of the bands I LIKE, let alone 'what's hot.' I am not cool enough to know what's hot.
I've never been good at remembering names and the who's who of anything, including art and books, which are my big things.  It's partially because I'm not that great with details, and partially because I don't care about fame.  We're all unique and talented.  I've got enough amazing people in my life who engage me, I don't need to remember a bunch of people I don't know, no matter how much I love their art.

Except when I really love their art.  =)
The Killers.
Vanessa Mae.

So, I fell in love with a new band this past year and I've been meaning to post about it forever.  There's this cool radio station in our area that plays lots of Canadian artists, lots of off the cuff, indy stuff, and do lots to promote small, local, talent.  Awesome.  Anyways, they play Mumford and Sons and I totally assumed they were East Coast Canadian because they had that sound, but then I found out they are from England.  I'm sure you all already know these guys and all, because I'm always behind the times in music like that, but I wanted to say how much I love them.  LOVE.  They are my running buddies, my driving buddies, my late night computer time buddies; I love them.  This is the best love song of all time, right here;

And then this is just beautiful art

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Tamie said...

Dude. Is there any way you can send me a file of "Sigh no more" via email? My internet speed isn't fast enough to download it on youtube like this, and I want to hear it!