Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Sorry I've been absent for a few days!  Life is pretty busy around here, I guess!  It was Matthew's birthday yesterday~YIKES!  Seven years old already.  Where does time fly?  Riley went to Victoria with my mom to visit his aunties and cousins for five days and it was torture.  He had fun but we ALL missed him like crazy here at home.  The house was missing some serious sparkle.  Amarys started the four point crawl: hands and feet!  Funny girl.  She also started this lovely pattern of night waking: wake, fuss, nurse, yell for an hour or two, nurse, then fall asleep again.  Then whine all day.  She's also on a nursing strike for the past 2 days so add her being hungry to being sleep deprived and you have one stressed out baby.

I'm tired.

And now I have developed laryngitis.  My mom used to get this a lot when I was a kid; every cold and flu season she would lose her voice two or three times.  Every time I talk I get irritated with myself for turning into my mother.

I have a huge list of things I'd like to talk about on here, but I will save that for when I feel a bit better.  Right now I'm going to go curl up on my couch and watch my two littlest babies watch too much TV.  =S

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