Monday, October 24, 2011

Death Cab for Cutie

For our anniversary in August, we went to Portland.  It rocked.  We don't have a ton of extra cash for things like gifts or trips since we bought our new, bigger house, but I scraped together enough for tickets to Death Cab For Cutie.  They are an indie band from Seattle (Bellingham originally) that Brent really loves, and I like really quite a lot.  They are more 'his' band than mine (mine include Mumford and Sons, Sufjan Stevens, Snow Patrol, and The Killers), but I am a total fan, too.  Anyways, the tickets were something I was very proud of; I'm not good at giving gifts, and Brent could make a cottage industry out of it.  This time I got it SO RIGHT!  I pretended not to listen as he went on about DC coming to Vancouver in October, made some flippant comment about finances, and secretly organized tickets behind his back.  He almost fell off the bed when he saw the tickets on the morning of our anniversary!  And I was pumped.

Little did I know he had gone to great lengths to replace my engagement ring, which was lost when Riley was about six months old.  I'm kind of glad the jeweler couldn't get it done in time~the ring would have outshadowed my perfect Death Cab anniversary gift just a little...

So the concert was last Friday!!  We packed up all four kids and sent them to gramma and grampa's house~Amarys, too.  She has stayed with her grandparents for short stints thus far, but not an entire evening including bedtime.  Bedtime with Amarys is smooth and easy, provided I am present and my boobs are pumping out milk.  Any variation on this, and she freaks out.  Boobs empty?  Scratchy freakout.  Mommy in the bathroom?  Baby swearing tirade.  Mommy goes to book club?  End.  Of.  World.
I loooove my daughter.  All day, every day, she's stuck to my side: often literally, since playing by my feet on the floor is simply not satisfactory while I make dinner on most nights.  But she's an intense personality and I need some small, infrequent breaks from her.  I'm so grateful she is such an amazing sleeper, because this provides me with most of what I need as far as recharging time.  (Sleep issues largely resolved, THANK YOU No Cry Sleep Solution)!  Our trip to Portland, she tagged along happily, and dinners and such so far she generally comes along with us.  But now that she's mobile this isn't so easy, and now that she eats solid food I feel better about leaving her behind for longer.  This venture was hard for me!!  Good, but hard.  I pumped several bottles, and sent Amarys off with her grandparents and a bag of tricks and a list to explain the items in the bag, to help tone down the inevitable screaming.
Nobody pretended she didn't.  It would have been futile.

BUT: she had fun, and didn't cry until later in the evening, so this is better than anticipated.  My in-laws are remarkably warm and loving with their grandkids and totally game to take on four Vose kids for as long and as often as we will let them.  They carry our crying babies, feed them breastmilk in bottles even though it kind of grosses them out, change cloth diapers, and beg for more at the end of the day.  Woot!  Three cheers for family, man.  I'm so lucky.  One of the tricks in the bag is television, never EVER paint yourself into a corner with small things, man, because this kid will stop crying if you put this one Baby Mozart DVD (Baby Dolittle; it is the puppets she loves) and I would massively judge myself if I were anyone else for quieting my baby with t.v.  But it works.  Tonight it bought me ten minutes to roll meatballs with my bare hands: hello, my husband works 12 hour shifts plus 40 to 50 minutes commute time each way, sometimes I need to roll meatballs and velcro child will not stop screaming at my feet.  Ten minutes of Baby Einstein seems more humane.

So the kids went off with gramma in her truck, and we scrambled to get to Vancouver in time for dinner reservations.  The drive was a bit tense; traffic was ridiculous.  But once we got there, luck was on our side with parking, dinner was fabulous, we walked to the concert, and we had wicked awesome seats.  The concert was amaaaaaaaazing!!!!!

These guys rock

(photo credit:

We had so much fun.  The music was fantastic, the air was remarkably clear of weed smoking, and the fact that we were on a date was so wonderful.  Afterwards we met up with four old friends from university, and went out for drinks.  We laughed so much!  It was like old times... We didn't get home until 2:30 in the morning (we swung by my in-law's place to pick up the baby in case of late night nursing needs and because I'm so not ready to spend an entire night apart from her).  Wow.  It was like we were young again, out til late doing something artsy!  Hooray!!!  It was blissful.

And Death Cab is amazing.  The lead singer (Ben something) has this remarkable voice which is SO strong and flexible, with incredible range~he is very talented.  Verrrry.  His voice doesn't fit his looks; he's kind of waiflike and thin, very artsy and understated, and his voice commands attention in a way that doesn't match his body.  All four of the musicians in Death Cab are wildly talented, and play several instruments.  They interchanged throughout the show, and at one point they jammed for, like, fifteen minutes and cycled through drums, bass, acoustic and electric, keyboard, and more drums, and it was one of the most beautiful musical conversations I've ever seen.  So cool.  And all of them are hot.  Ter than hell.

WOOT!  I loooooved this concert and the entire date.  And my hubs, who was so happy to be out with his wife, doing something he loves, listening to a band he loves.  It was so wonderful.

And now I'm off to watch Sister Wives...


Louise Chapman said...

Yay for a great date night and awesome babysitters! Also, totally interested in your thoughts on Sister Wives:)

tamie marie said...

woooohoooo!!!!!!!! i think it's super cool that you & brent make time to do stuff like this sometimes, and that you really like being together, and that you did this for him, and he got you an engagement ring.

yay for good music! nothing tops it. except good sex. but what about good sex AND good music?

but i digress.

melissa said...

Yaaaaaay! I'm so glad you had such an amazing night out, though I'll admit a bit jealous (Ben Gibbard, by the way) ;) Kudos for the awesome husband gift!

I definitely agree that a little tv is more humane than dealing with littles while being super duper stressed, too.


melissa said...

It was soooo fun! Tamie, I agree that good sex + good music = an excellent situation!!! And thank you for the last name melissa; I'm terrrrrible with names of famous people, bands, movies, and even book titles. I will remember a plot forever, but the title? Generally gone within five minutes... Same with names. And if they have stage names, like Bono? Omg, I will NEVER remember his real name, even though I secretly think we are soulmates and should switch spouses...

BUT I meant that a little t.v. is more humane for Amarys. When she's ticked off she often won't be comforted in the ergo and just wants me to hip carry her. For rolling meatballs, I will put her on the counter in her bumbo seat but sometimes she arches her back to get out and I'm afraid she will fall. In these cases it's a choice of letting her be miserable on the floor at my feet, or 'rotting her brain' for 10 minutes with baby einstein. The latter seems kinder to HER!

As for sister wives; holy interesting batman!! I had never thought of polygamists as mainstream people before, and find the show fascinating. What do you all think?

tamie marie said...

I haven't seen Sister Wives, but I watched a number of episodes, what was that show about polygamy called? Oh yeah, Big Love. I found it fascinating.

I don't have any problem with people hooking up in whatever funky configuration, sexually and relationally, they want to. However, what bugs me about polygamy as a system is that it seems to have patriarchal power issues embedded in it. But who knows? Maybe you could configure it so that wasn't the case. Or maybe if the wives could also have other lovers...???

melissa said...

You were clear regarding the t.v. bit and I was not. I totally caught your drift, but managed to totally confuse in saying so.

I am terrible with famous person names, too. I think I can name exactly ten actors and actresses, and am even more pathetic with artists and song titles and such. I think we really were sisters in a past life! Ben Gibbard is worth remembering, though :)

Caryn Ouwehand said...

Horray for the little retreats... even when it is hard to leave, it is always worth it once you get out for a bit.