Thursday, October 20, 2011


Since early October Amarys has been cruising along furniture, and about a week and a half ago, she let go and stood on her own for a few seconds.  And the next day she did it again.  As my friend Kelsey would say,
Lie down on the floor and act like a baby!
Ayden walked at 8 months and Riley at 10 months; it looks like this girl might beat them both.  Sheesh.  Part of me is proud of her for figuring out this moving around business, of course; it's always cool to watch your baby achieve milestones.  But the other part is kinda sad that she's growing up too fast.  Le sigh.  I was just telling a friend yesterday that you don't have to be sad when your babies grow up, because thus far they are just as enjoyable in each stage, but in different ways~but now I can't take my own *wise* words to heart!  She's just growing up too fast!

In the sleep department she has settled down, and is surprising me with her napping.  Once I started focusing on naps (and lets face it, I could say WE, but it would be lying: dad might be more motivated if it were HIS boob the baby wanted to tug and pull and scratch at every hour all. night. long. but as it stands he could care less what the baby is doing, sleep wise) Amarys' body rhythm settled into a predictable schedule and her naps have lengthened significantly.  The other day she slept three and a half hours!  Predictably similar to her bio brothers, she dropped her third nap quite early on, and once she could depend on a scheduled nap time she dropped the second one and just amalgamated them all into one, long nap with five to seven hour stretches of awake time in between.  And only one night waking.  WOOT!  I'm a convert; The No Cry Sleep Solution is the best shower gift for any new parent, hands down.  Best recommendation ever.  And nobody is paying me anything to say that, I swear.

We had Brent's birthday celebration yesterday evening; his birthday was last Saturday but he was working 3:30 to 3:30 so aside from being ridiculous and doing something special for breakfast (decidedly not morning people), we invited his family over and got take out Vietnamese food and had a big feast.  I forgot to bake him a cake or anything, so it was just the dinner part, but it was yummy!  The plan was to eat Thai but the Thai restaurant in our area was closed for a family emergency so we went with Plan B.  It was an excellent feast, and good to celebrate Mr. Awesome Pants, a.k.a. my newly ancient hubs.  He's in his 'late thirties' now at the ripe old age of 36.  I'm thinking of trading him in for a newer model; what do you think?  The current model is so dependable.  And handsome.  You really can't top it.

In related news, in a few weeks there will be no more possibility for more tiny Voses running around.  On the one hand, I'm slightly panicked because there won't be the possibility for more babies!  But on the other hand, I'm very excited because there won't be the possibility for more babies.  ;-/
Without doing something permanent, though, we are tempting fate.  All Brent has to do is sneeze on me and we get pregnant, so spending the rest of my fertile years counting days and worrying for the entire second half of my cycles is unappealing.

We LOVE babies, so it's hard to say goodbye to that phase of our life, though!  But it's a good time.  We're finishing on a good note, with a very peaceful last birth, two VBACs, four gorgeous and smart kids, an even number, and a 'small' enough family to fit inside a minivan.  [Or a Nissan Pathfinder with a third row; that's kind of my dream car right now...]

In other news, my best friend called me the day before yesterday and cried because there was no one in her life to make her birthday special, and then yesterday on her actual birthday I forgot to call her.  BAD FRIEND AWARD, RIGHT HERE!!  Fortunately our third best friend (we're weird and are a group rather than a pair) stepped it up and invited her over for dinner, so all was not lost.  How awful is it to remember THAT the day after?  That was punishment enough.  Blerg.  I kept remembering all day yesterday but my phone was dead so I kept thinking I would do it at home and getting distracted by my eleventybillion children when we were at home.  Ack!  She's cool though.  She forgave me.  She laughed.  Phew.  Long, lonely future absent of friends is NOT on the horizon....



Rob-o-SE-yo said...

Don't trade him in. Some keepers hit a second prime once they get a certain age, and go all silvery, like my handsome dad.

melissa said...

Yeah, don't worry =D He's the best thing, ever

melissa said...

Go, Amarys! You know I feel you on the too fast thing, though. I was thrilled for Annabelle when she started walking, but at the same time I was at a loss, since I had expected at least a couple more months of crawling. They definitely have their own timelines!

I'm sure actually finalizing the no more babies decision has to be a little bittersweet, but hooray for not having to stress yourself out for the second half of every cycle. I hope all goes well!

I failed on my best friend's birthday this year too. Skype even gave me a little pop-up reminder. I saw it, and I was so confused, thinking to myself, 'I *know* it's not her birthday! Her birthday is in August! WHY does it say today is her birthday!?' Later in the week I realized it was very much August.

I swear I have been in a daze for nearly two entire years now! But I'm getting waaay off topic. A happy belated birthday to your husband-guy!

melissa said...

Yeah, I left that comment for you on not being too sad about Annabelle growing up, and then started feeling sad about my own baby growing up... =) Whoops, on the friend birthdays! I feel like my brain is in an eternal fog these days!!! Gar...