Monday, October 24, 2011


Amber at wrote a beautiful post on the approaching winter~I thought I would share it with you!  She lives just across the bridge from me, so our climates and geography are the same.  Enjoy!  I have heard that this coming winter is supposed to be one of our coldest in a very long time.  The year Riley was born (which is the same year Strocel's Jacob was born, and Louise's Koen, and Torie's Addie, and Jen's Michella, to name a few of the many three year olds running around these days...) there was a shitload of snow.  In our area we are lucky to get a few centimeters each winter, which lasts 24 to 48 hours, and repeats itself once or twice.  I say 'lucky' because I love snow.  I grew up in a snowy zone;

I can't figure out how to draw a circle around my 'zone' but it is about mid bottom, four dots up.  Anything aside from Vancouver Island and the coastal zone is your typical snowy Canadian climate.  When it snows, it is bright because of all that white to reflect what light happens to be around (between 11 and 1, you know, especially in the dead of winter; I can clearly remember walking to catch the bus to school in the morning before the sun rose, and walking back in the afternoon after the sun set.  Not as bad as winter in the Yukon or something, but still no Florida holiday).  Snow is fun to play with and much drier than rain, and often facilitates blue skies once the snow has fallen.

Anyways, the winter of 2008/09 we got months of several feet of snow!  It was crazy.  And cold.  This coming winter is supposed to be even colder!  I'm not sure about the precipitation forecast but I'm willing to bet we will get some snow to go along with our cold.  Yippee!

Anyways.  Strocel.  Good read!

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Louise Chapman said...

Koen was born January 2nd. I remember being 9 months pregnant and trying to drive the van up our snow filled alley while Gary pushed it. Needless to say, we borrowed my dad's truck to get to the hospital!