Sunday, October 16, 2011


Last weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving.  Generally, because my in-laws mostly live in the same town we do, we go to their place for Thanksgiving and other non-Christmas holidays (because long weekends are just no longer quite long enough to pack up and relocate, plus our families have so many shift workers in them that coordinating days off and holidays and weekends is a huge headache).  Wonderful turkey dinner and family time, with very little work.  We usually bring one dish.

This year however, my in-laws went out of town, so we were kind of Left to Our Own Devices... *GASP*
The result was that we decided to do a big turkey/ham dinner thing on the Monday and invite friends; we did this one other year and LOVED it.  Lotsa fun, no family politics, GOOD FOOD.  Score one all around.  So we invited a few friends, and then a few more, and then a few family members straggled into town and we invited them too, and in the end we had 20 people in our little house!  =)  It was fabulous.  I really think it was my best thanksgiving yet, but I say that every year.

A few things I am thankful for this year;

-Amarys.  She completes our family, rounds out the testosterone, makes demands, and is so stinking cute she makes it hard to be finished having babies.

-Matthew.  Every year that goes by it is hard to believe how big he is, how far he has come, and how enjoyable his personality is.  The older he gets, the more enjoyable it is to be with him because his personality is so sparkly.  This past year he started initiating affection with me for the first time, and for this I'm incredibly grateful.

-Ayden.  He is so helpful and patient with his siblings, he really is a remarkably good big brother.  He is also very interesting to talk to, and has these fully formed opinions on things that are well thought!  He's also very trustworthy.

-Riley.  He's our 'Tiny Tim' of the Vose family.  He's flexible, easy going, sweet, quiet, curious, and SO enthusiastic about everything.  He reminds me so much of Brent, because very little can ever ruffle his feathers.  He is a healer of hurts, and makes everyone around him more gentle and relaxed in his presence.

-Brent.  Partner in crime.  Love story of the century.  Remarkably funny and good looking.  Very few faults.  Shoulders an enormous load without hesitation.  Messy as hell.

-Our little big house.  1800 square feet of luxurious space, 4 bedrooms, a yard; I will never take our detached house for granted, after so long (and so many of us) in a townhouse for so long.  For a farm kid, that was a stretch.

-Health!  My grandma, my aunts, my mom: those who had or are at risk of developing breast cancer and are now healthy!!  My kids are all here, reasonably healthy aside from allergies and the odd issue here and there, and growing like weeds physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I am healthy, well balanced emotionally, and SO grateful not to have developed postpartum anxiety this time.  My hubs is healthy.

-Community.  We have put down roots in our church.  The kids' school is amazing.  Our family and friends are a big part of our lives and help us, and we help them.  It's pretty cool.  And my online village is expanding greatly, too.

-Grace.  Growth.  Development.  Forgiveness.  Peace.  These have been big words that have left large footprints on my life in the past five years, and I'm grateful.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


tamie marie said...

I think that the best Thanksgivings I've had have been with friends too, although I do love Thanksgiving and have rarely had a "bad" one. But with friends it can just be about the love & gratitude, because the family drama & politics are gone. There's all kinds of good though, and of course we'd be sad if we *never* got to have Thanksgiving with family! I always feel sad to be away from family for holidays.

I love your lists of what you're thankful for. You are blessed beyond measure, my friend, and that makes me very happy.

emili said...