Saturday, December 17, 2011

Funny Story II

I took Amarys to the doctor when she had bronchiolitis, and forgot to share this funny thing my doctor said.  First, she said Amarys sure is a calm and peaceful baby.  She really just goes with the flow, doesn't she?

I don't argue with people about this anymore.  Why bother?  I grinned and shrugged my shoulders.

You're a pretty relaxed person, though.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

If I didn't have my polite face on, I would have snorted boogers onto the wall across the room.  Hello, My Name Is: I have an anxiety disorder.  And this is my daughter, I am a pessimist.  Pleased to meet you!  Wow was that awesome.  It made my day.  


melissa said...

Hehehe. It's funny how confident people can be in their assessments of virtual strangers. I'm impressed that you were able to keep your composure ;)

Shannon Hillinger said...

I get that kind of compliment a lot too, and I always want to laugh out loud at them. If they had any idea what was going on my head, they wouldn't say that.

melissa v. said...

@Shannon, YUP, me too!! I wish I could record the chatter in my head and play it for people... lol... It's like labour; all of us are yellers, but some of us do it in our heads and some of us do it out loud.
Except, of course, having an anxiety disorder means my 'labour' is abnormal... Bad metaphor.

But funny moment! =)