Friday, December 9, 2011

The National

Last week we went to Vancouver to watch The National~Brent won free tickets from The Peak radio station a few months ago.  We were in the best seats in the house; about eighth row from the front, so we didn't have to smush in with the storm the stagers, but we were close enough to see every nuance.  Every blink.  And to become deafened by the music.  Near the end, the lead singer came out into the crowd and climbed up on the row of seats in front of us and across.  Our whole row helped him walk by holding up our hands for him to grab onto; it was pretty cool! =)
It was fun!  And FREE!  Except for parking!


melissa said...

You two are super cool with your live shows and nights on the town! This sounds like tons of fun, and who doesn't love free tickets!? Hooray!

tamie marie said...

Awesome! Rock on!