Saturday, December 17, 2011

Update on Amarys

I forgot to include a few things in Amarys' 9 Months Old post!  She's growing so fast and furious that I want to make sure I get everything down.
She learned just before the 9 month mark how to clap two toys together to make noise.  She doesn't clap her hands yet, but she will clap toys!  Especially if you demonstrate it for her.  She also picks up toys and shakes them to see if they make noise~if a toy doesn't make noise it is infinitely boring and she will drop it unless it seems like an intruiging thing to put in her mouth.
She also climbs stairs (and hearths, which I posted about earlier last week), and has pulled a stocking holder down onto her head by pulling on the stocking attached to it.  We put the stockings away for now and will put them up on Christmas Eve, once she is ready for bed!  She was also climbing from the hearth to the toy box, so I moved the toy box because it is just too high and in close proximity to the stone fireplace for my comfort.  But her latest trick is to climb onto the hearth and then INTO the toy basket I keep there.  And then look triumphant, like she just conquered Everest.
While she falls sometimes, it is generally because she is tired, and not because she crawled off something.  She seems to have a good sense of where the edge is and not to get too close to it (unlike our boys at this age).  She has also learned through trial and error a unique way to climb down from the hearth (she was NOT keen on being taught to roll onto her tummy and then climb down).  She sits on her bum and slides close to the edge until one foot hits the floor, and launches forward.  It works!

She reaches out when she wants to be picked up, and has just discovered that she loves her daddy.  She always put up with him but preferred me, and now she loves him especially.  It is neat to see her face light up when he comes in the room, and to see her reach up for him and engage him in play.  Very special!  She will also follow the kids' voices to wherever they happen to be, and they generally know she's coming because she is a noisy crawler; thumpTHUMPthumpTHUMPthumpTHUMP!  And they make a mad dash to hide whatever is most precious to them because she will wreck it all.  And scream with laughter.  If you are reading a book, she acts like a cat and crawls onto your book and moves in circles on it, and eventually sits down and looks at you like, Aren't I so much more interesting than this piece of paper?  Don't you want to pat me on the head?

Recently however she has discovered that she loves books; in particular her favourite is the Usborne book "That's Not My Monster"~she loves the touchy feely parts of the book, and that she can turn the board book pages on her own.  Her favourite monsters are the hairy eyebrowed one, the red one with green bumpy paws, and the final monster with green, fluffy ears.  She will 'read' that book on her own for up to ten minutes.

The other night we took her to a work Christmas party and she looked so pretty, all dressed up in her white dress and blue tights, with a pink bow in her hair!  She lasted until eleven p.m.  Woot!  But we paid for it the next day because she was CRANKY.  [You might say, DUH, but our other kids weren't like that; Ayden and Riley would sleep in the next day and be just as happy go lucky, and Matthew would fall asleep at 7:30 on the dot regardless of where we were, pretty much.  He would definitely NEVER last until eleven at night]

She's a funny kid.  And oh my GOSH how I love her.  Crazy love.

Spaghetti girl

Crazy hair baby

Daddy's biggest fan

**p.s. After I published this I wanted to add two other new tricks: she waves hello and goodbye when she's in the mood, and she JUST started saying "Uh-oh!" when she drops something.  It sounds more like "Uh-uh" but it has the right intonation and she says it in context.  So cute!**

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