Monday, December 12, 2011

Wonderful Advent Sunday

We took advantage of last Sunday's sunny weather to get all Christmassy!  I've been meaning to post each Sunday of Advent on an Advent theme but this family day got in the way last week... I'm pretty sure it was an excellent excuse!

This year has seemed the proper amount of speedy~not too quick, not too slow.  The kids are amazing as far as joy and wonder because they are the exact right ages to fully enjoy and understand the many levels of Christmas, engage with its spiritual meanings, and throw themselves into the spirit enthusiastically.  It wasn't deep or literary, but I think for an Advent Sunday post (one day late) it pretty much captivates this week's Advent theme of Joy.  I'm so lucky.  My cup is full.  My arms are full.  My van is full.  And my heart is grateful~more than anything in life I have wanted a close knit family with lots of kids and a caring partner in crime, and love in abundance. Sometimes it's hard, which just makes me appreciate what I have so much more, especially on days like this one.

The obligatory fence picture




Amarys and I

This tree was too big for our living room but we thought it was pretty hilarious and dubbed it the Dr Seuss tree.  I think it looks a bit holy; worshipping in true charismatic tradition =)

This was our tree in the end~Amarys fell asleep in the sling so she was underenthusiastic about it, but it was definitely the perfect tree for us

I laughed SO HARD at this outtake~Brent got speared

First candy cane

We took the tree home, made apple cider from scratch, and cooked up some gingerbread to eat while we decorated the tree.  I got this awesome idea from Riley's Strong Start teacher to fill the pan with gingerbread cookie dough and stuff it full of candy (we used up the last of the halloween candy for this project~and it was delicious)
Posed SO dorky
Advent week two: Peace~we have a tradition where each Sunday of Advent we help one of the kids light the candles, and leave them on all evening.  I LOVE this tradition and the kids do, too

We're in the market for a new tree topper but in the meantime...
Another Vose family tradition; daddy makes one lucky kid fly to the top of the tree to place our wonky star


Jen said...

Love it! I could feel the Christmasy love. Got a little emotional thinking about you and your family - how full your heart and arms are, like you said. You guys are really special. Sounds like a wonderful day. Rich with life and joy. Love the gingerbread with candy idea. Bet the kids loved that!

Merry Christmas!

Tamie said...

Just so you know, Mel, I'm jealous of your life.

melissa v. said...

Thanks lovelies~ Tamie, I notice you didn't put that you were jealous of my life on the poop post...
There's good and then there's poop...


melissa said...

Aw, man, I don't know how I missed this when you first posted it, but it's perfect. I just love the gushy, overflowing you have for your amazing family, and all the joy on their sweet faces. You guys rock! The tree looks great, too.

We flattened all of our gingerbread dough into one big cookie cake, too, but it was mostly because after making and chilling the dough, I couldn't muster up the energy to actually roll it out and cut it into shapes. Maybe later in the season? I didn't think to decorate it anyway - such a cool idea!