Tuesday, February 14, 2012

11 Months Old!

She loves hamming it up for her brothers
Unbelievably, Amarys is eleven months old.  Crazy wild.  We have to plan her birthday party!  What the heck am I doing?  I should be doing that right now...
But instead I would love to tell you all about her.  First of all, she decided last week that crawling is passe, and has almost exclusively switched to walking;

She's walking!
Amarys is quite a character.  In some ways, she reminds me of Matthew; intense, spirited, full of almost frantic energy, high threshold for pain, inquisitive as hell, and gets extremely wound up when overtired.  Her emotional reactions to things are very amped up, also much like Matthew.  He's not as emotionally reactive now, but he was very much so as a baby.  He was more of a crier.  She is more of a screamer.  I can see now how the colicky early months were a manifestation of her personality, as she takes things to heart and is easily swept off kilter, emotionally.  She's lovely and magical and for now I don't mind sharing myself as her emotional regulator (except when I do).

We are so proud of her finding her feet!  She walks a bit like a zombie, arms out in front of her and kicking each foot out before putting it down, and SHE is so proud of herself!  So cute.  She's developed a 'scrunchy face' smile for when she is particularly pleased with something.  She often pulls it out when daddy comes home from work.

She is a busy baby.  I relish breastfeeding her because it is one of the few times she will actually curl into me for a cuddle.  When falling asleep she does laps around her bed, stomping on my breasts at every opportunity, biting my shoulders, and kicking me in the face.  During the day she wants to explore, climb, investigate, taste, poke, rip apart, smack, and toss stuff on the floor.
She's cranky.  Whoooeee, I've never met such a pessimist!  Little monkey.  Luckily I love her so much, so her screeching, kicking, flailing, and general malcontent seems amusing and cute.  I can tell a parenting approach that emphasizes autonomy will suit her well, as she already makes clear her choices.  We will also perhaps heavily emphasize the development of empathy...

We call her 'the little goat,' because she bashes into things with her head all the time.  She will crawl into walls, doors, block towers, chairs, the cat, and people on purpose, battering them with her head as though she were one of those mischievous farm goats with the little horns and big attitudes.

This will slow down as she gives up on crawling, but she will often walk up to one of us and give us a head butt, or stand on our laps and come in quick with the hard part of her forehead.  She thinks it's hilarious, and I daresay it is effective in getting a reaction out of people.  And she giggles.

Of course when we have guests or go out in public she makes me a liar and acts quiet and shy...

She's totally a sweetheart though and we all can't get enough of her.  I've always been a little partial to women who know their own minds!  She's strong.  Nobody's going to push her around, that's for certain.  And she loves to sit on the dishwasher door and chatter.  So funny.  She also loves food, still loves toys and rattly objects, loves to stand on the bathroom stool and look in the sink and talk to her reflection in the mirror.  She loves her family.  She loves the cat.  Grass.  Outdoors.  Mud. 

After nearly nine years of being a parent, I broke down last week and bought a baby hairbrush and comb for the first time ever.  For years I've considered it periodically, and then generally opted to cut the boys' hair instead.  Nine years as a parent, never owned a comb for my kids.  True story.
The comb is handy for making PONYTAILS on the top of her head which really fulfills a dream of mine since childhood, of having  a real baby girl with hair long enough for ponytails!  It's more of a fountain on the top of her head at this point, but we are taking what we are getting, here.  No photos of ponytails yet, but soon, I promise.  The brush is handy for taming the spiky dragon hair that appears after her bath, and she loves to hold the brush and brush her own hair.  Yesterday she brushed MY hair.  Oh, how long I waited to have a daughter who would brush MY hair!!!
She also loves socks, and will bring me her sock and stick out her foot for me to put it on.  She can also predict things, like the removal of socks or pant legs, and shift her weight or pull out her arms accordingly.  She is remarkably resilient and often falls without fanfare and rights herself to keep on trucking.

The photo below was of a day when Brent put this scarf on her and she loved it so much he wasn't allowed to take it off.  She thought she was the bees knees in it, and I daresay she was:

She's walking, she signs for "milk," "up," and sometimes for "all done," she says momma and dada in the right context, knocks on closed doors and waits for an answer, will look all over for family members if they leave the room, says "pssssss" if cued to pee (but doesn't pee anywhere but the floor and her diaper), growls indiscriminately, and loves peek-a-boo, this little piggy, round and round the garden, and twinkle twinkle little star.  Riley frequently sings Twinkle Twinkle when she's crying, to try and calm her down and it is SO sweet.  He's such a softy.
Lately the weather has been warm and sunny, so I have been leaving the back door open periodically.  She loves to cruise out onto the back deck to explore and can spend a good half hour entertained with dog hair, the view, and the railings.  I can't wait for spring and summer!

She's a very particular girl.  I'm particularly infatuated with her.  =)


Rob-o-SE-yo said...

beautiful post! thanks for sharing.

i love her impish little smile.

Louise Chapman said...

1. Your daughter is so full of personality.
2. I can't believe it's almost been one year since I witnessed her beautiful arrival.

Jen said...

This was fun to read and learn more about your girl. What a cutie pie.

melissa said...

Holy cow, I can hardly believe it's party planning time already! I love all of that photos - especially the one with the scarf. She does look quite confident! Such a fabulous personality :)

emili said...

Oh my gosh. I am getting caught up! How gorgeous is your daughter!