Friday, February 3, 2012

Bullet Post Update

Thank you for the love for my friends and their little girl.  ♥ She was a beautiful little soul and profoundly missed.  It's unspeakably sad.  This week is funeral week for us; our good friend's father passed away a few days before our friend's child.  How do you go to a child's funeral?

I walk around randomly crying.

Riley has ringworm and an ear infection.  Amarys still hasn't kicked her bronchiolitis from November.  I'm not sure if we are dealing with back to back or overlapping infections, or if she really just hasn't kicked the original bug.  Either way: WTF?

It is sunny here.  Thank heaven.  Frosty though, which is a bit of a pain when your van is heaterless.  I keep meaning to email Stephani, Louise's friend who offered her hubs to find us a heater at the wreckers.  Brent is having a hard time figuring out which part we actually need, hence the delay.  Don't give up on us!  We will take you up on your generosity, soon...

On Monday, I went snowboarding for the first time in fifteen years!  Mondays Mt Seymour offers "free" (by donation fundraiser for breast cancer) night skiing for women.  My bestie goes every week, and for the first time I joined her.  I used to snowboard every weekend, in high school, and  was pretty good.  I don't do tricks or run the pipe, but I love carving down the hill and sporting the odd jump.  ♥ It's small things in life that make so much difference, and moments of peaceful silence coupled with speed and movement make me profoundly happy.  Conditions were terrible: wet mushy snow on top of ice, wind, fog, sleet, and visibility of about 15 feet.  It was awesome and we're going again next Monday.

Our laptop is on the verge of collapse.  When plugged in, it rarely registers recharging, and the battery doesn't hold up for long.  This makes online communication and blogging incredibly frustrating, as most of what I'm doing currently involves my phone.  Our desktop computer is downstairs.  I think we might need to consider moving it, since we never use it when it is in the cold dark cave we call a spare room with no bed and tons of unpacked boxes from our move last year... I'm operating on rare battery power right now, and cannot guarantee very long online, although I'm desperately needing to do some work on Mothers of Change and our giveaway, and write about placentas and post partum mood disorders and pain in labour and breastfeeding...

I need a vacation, I think.  I just got my last maternity leave paycheque on Tuesday, and now am officially incomeless.

I hope this doesn't seem like a complaining post; I think saying goodbye to a child and a friend's father has made me rather morose in general.  I'm quite stable right now; just grieving.  I am relishing appreciation for the people and things I have, and feeling acutely the loss of the ones we no longer have in our community.  Peace and love.


tamie marie said...

Oh babes. You don't sound like you're complaining at all. But even if you were, so what? It's okay to complain sometimes. Life is hard, sometimes really hard.

So much love to you today. I'm so glad you were able to go snowboarding. I hope you find moments of lightness and peace and hope and love in the midst of it all. And I hope Amarys gets completely well very, very soon.

Rachel @ Lautaret Bohemiet said...


melissa said...

I'm with Tamie. I don't hear complaining, but these things are all hard, and it's okay to talk about that. I'm so sorry to hear of the losses your friends are experiencing, and the grief that surely extends to you as well. Having to say goodbye to a child just does not seem fair. Wishing you all peace <3

So glad you got some "you" time in the midst of it all - nighttime snowboarding sounds like a kick! Glad you get to do it again! Hopefully the kiddos feel better soon :/

lori said...

A little old-fashioned venting and new-fashioned snowboarding sound like just what the imaginary doctor ordered.