Friday, March 16, 2012

Cabin Fever

Spring break is awesome.  My kids are home, we stay in our pyjamas for a good portion of the day, nobody has to get out of bed until they are ready,  or pack lunches, or climb in the cold van to go to school.  On the weekend we were pretty busy, and my mom was here until Monday.  Tuesday the kids did crafts, got their own breakfasts, and played lego while Amarys and I slept til 10.  YES, THAT DOES SAY 10.  It was a small gift from the universe, for having four children.
Wednesday was similar, although Amarys and I got up earlier.  By the end of the day, though, I was all cabin fevered.  Brent worked Tues/Wed, so it was just me and four kids, stuck in the same open concept kitchen/living/dining room for two whole days.  I swear, if I would have had to clean that damn kitchen counter ONE MORE TIME I would have hung myself.  After the kids went to bed I sent out a facebook message to my friend Katie; "I'm going bonkers trapped in my house with 4 kids for days on end.  Can we come over??!!  Hellllllpppppp meeeeee!!!!!"  This can be tricky, this finding a friend to invite myself over to~I mean, c'mon, I come with quite the entourage.  Anyone with one or two kids gets pretty overwhelmed by me and my little pipers.  (With the exception maybe of Louise, who grew up with 4 sisters).  Many people go away for spring break, or are married to teachers and thus are busy having family time.  But I figured Katie could handle us.  She's got three kids; two boys and a toddler girl, and a 10,000 square foot house (she lives there with 17 people; mostly extended family), she likes visitors, and she can totally handle chaos.  Bonus: we get along superbly.  She's my kind of people.
She phoned me in the morning and said, "YES!  Come over!!"  I was out the door so fast I almost forgot my underpants.  GET ME OUTTA THIS HOUSE!!!  Of course, a complicating factor has been the weather, which has been total crap.  Like, torrential downpours, with occasional bouts of wet snow and hefty wind.  You can't even really go out on the porch with your coffee in this kind of weather.  Or enjoy those flowers in my garden that I put up in my previous post.  Gross.

Katie saved my ass.  I threw my kids in the car, complete with lego, an enormous stuffed dog, and a jar of applesauce to counterbalance the fact that we were invading.  She made us awesome homemade bread and soup, in her Thermamix (?) which is reportedly similar to a Vitamix (?), which I am now in serious covet mode for.  It does everything.  EVerything.  Her boys and mine played lego and toys and guitar, jumped on the couch, and explored the basement.  Which is seriously enormous.  The babies toddled around chewing lego bits and spilling stuff and shrieking, and Katie and I visited.  We talk so fast we could make a business out of it.  I LOVED it.  Hooray for friends, and kids who get along (her boys are 6 and 8, and her baby is almost 1 1/2), and 10,000 square foot homes, and beautiful chaos.  The sun even came out while we were there; what a relief!!  It disappeared as we left, so it must be some sort of magnetic combination of Katie's energy plus mine that brought the sun out.  I feel much more peaceful, now.  Funny how a good dose of crazy can make you feel more sane.  =)


Rachel @ Lautaret Bohemiet said...

Sounds awesome.

But I want to know more about this 10,000sf home. WHAT THE WHAT?! And 17 people?! I mean, I know it isn't your life, so you may not be able to blog about it, but I find that SO intriguing! (Heck, I live with 5 people, two of whom aren't related at all, and 3 generations, so I can semi-relate... except our house is certainly not 10,000sf... haha.)


melissa said...

It's wonderful to have people like that in your life. Hooray for friendships and big doses of the right kind of crazy.

I have been daydreaming about the Vitamix lately, so I had to go look up the Thermomix and I wish I never had. Now I want one, but it's not available in the US! Probably for the best, as it probably costs enough to make my eyes bulge, but how stinkin' cool is that thing!?