Monday, April 23, 2012


Remember our dog problems?  Or should I say our loving problem dog?  He was successfully adopted this weekend, to a family in Vernon with one teenage daughter, two other dogs, and no toddlers.  WOOT!  We had exhausted a ton of avenues, and wouldn't you know it?  My mom put a poster up in the cafeteria at her work, and it was the key to finding Simon the perfect home. 

We drove up to Vernon just so this family could meet Simon and see if he might be a good fit.  We were fully prepared for it not to work out, but the cost of the trip was worth the small chance that they might take him.  I think they had made up their minds to adopt him before they even met him, barring any obvious incompatibilities: within 2 minutes, Simon was very comfortable with them (after an initial barking and fur lifting session~Simon's new owner promptly sat down and held his hand out, effectively winning Simon over and calming him down instantly).  After a few minutes they let their dogs out of their vehicle to meet him, and they meshed within minutes.  Match made in heaven!  They took him, his dishes, leash, toys, and food, loaded them in the car, and waved goodbye.  They expressed several times that they felt so bad taking our family dog away from us (particularly our boys, who obviously love him), but man oh man were we so grateful to find him a better fit and a toddlerless yet loving home!  We reassured them that this was the right choice.  The boys lined up on their tailgate and yelled "BYE SIMON!  BYE! BYE SIMON!!" and I cried a bit.  He really is a sweet dog and the whole situation makes me feel teary and guilty. 

Simon's new family offered that we could email them whenever we are in town, and come by and visit Simon if we like.  What better situation could we ask for, seriously?  The backyard seems a bit empty and I'm sad to see him go. 

But this afternoon I opened the back door and let Amarys roam in the yard, and felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders, knowing I didn't have to worry about the dog and her.  It was a relief to know she is safe.  And so is he!  And well loved.

Thank you for your support, and kind words, and prayers.  A happy ending!  Hurrah!  xo

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Caryn Ouwehand said...

Oh, horray! I have been wondering if you had found a home for Simon... I'm so happy to hear that it worked out. Sounds like a perfect match.