Friday, May 25, 2012

9 Years Old!!

Ayden had gymnastics from 330 to 530, but I managed our traditional 'born at this time of day' shot...

Family birthday dinner; very excited about his gift

Friend party at the movie theatre

Ayden is such a cute kid.  He's in that in between age, where he is capable of maturity and complex thinking, yet also still believes in Santa Clause and is smitten with magic.  I love this age!!  He is so interesting to talk to, and his thought patterns and interests catch me off guard sometimes.  He has a deep sense of empathy.  He is thoughtful of the feelings of everyone, including people he has never met, and feels deep responsibility for the earth, social justice, fairness, accuracy, and his family.  He is also passionate about Harry Potter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Star Wars, Wii, Lego, Lego, and Lego.  He LOVES his siblings and has a particularly soft spot for Riley and an even softer spot for Amarys, but even they are not allowed to mess with his Lego.  =)

Ayden is an accomplished artist and won an award for his art at his school.  He loves to read and burns through approximately a book per day, reminding me of my own childhood where I always had my nerdy nose in a book.  He's very interested in bugs and insects.  He's sensitive and has aversions to bodily fluids, puking, dirty diapers, bad smells, and all kinds of food things like food groups touching other food groups, being the wrong temperature, etc.  He's pretty particular.  But in life in general, he is easygoing.  And incredibly nurturing and helpful.  He sweeps, sets the table, comforts little owies, gently redirects little misbehaviors, and provides hours of entertainment for all of us.  Ayden is awesome.  I remember the day he was born so clearly, and I cannot believe that nine years have passed already.  I'm also blow away by how much of that tiny floppy baby with the sweet disposition remains in this nine year old pulled taffy boy... As they grow, you don't lose the baby you had, but rather add to him or her.  The same bright, pure joy we used to see in his face at the sight of our cat or the feeling of being tossed in the air, we see now over first snowfalls and ant colonies.  It's pretty neat.  For an intro to parenting, Ayden was pretty perfect.

Thanks buddy, for being cute and amazing and smart and funny and good at everything you do.  I love you so much.  ♥

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melissa said...

Happy birthday to Ayden! I always love the adoring, respectful way you describe your children, but I'll stop saying that ;) He really does seem like a neat kid!

I love what you say about not losing your baby, but just adding to him or her, too. That's exactly how it has felt with Annabelle so far, and I'm glad to know it won't likely change anytime soon. It throws me off sometimes, when I realize how big and how different she is. It's comforting to catch those glimpses of the baby I remember!