Saturday, June 2, 2012

15 Months Old

Spicy girl is 15 months old already!!  This month saw quite a few firsts.  She started clapping, especially when she's excited or thinks someone has done a 'good job'~she also blows kisses, waves goodbye and goodnight, and hides behind her hand for peek-a-boo.  She is getting a few teeth at once right now, which as everyone knows makes a parent's life harder...

Amarys is deeply enamoured with her brothers and wants to be involved in EVERYTHING they are doing.  Cooking, building lego, showering, painting; you name it, she's in there like old underwear.  She is focused and tenacious and there are very few things that will distract her once she sets her mind to something.  Distraction is one of my main toddler parenting tools, so I'm at a bit of a loss sometimes!   Yes, it is possible to keep being stumped by your kids even after you have four.  Whodathunk. 

Her favourite place to perch is on the counter.  I can entertain her while I cook and clean if I stick her on the counter by the sink with the cold water running, or plop her on the kitchen island with a handful of grapes and she's happy as a clam. During dinner she's always crawling on the table and I have to laugh at myself, because for certain with my first three, nobody was allowed to be marching around on the table during dinner, grazing off everyone else's plates and plunking food in everyone's water dish.  But seriously?  Meh.  If she's in her chair, she's screeching.  If she's on the floor, she's screeching.  We get about five minutes of happy-in-the-chair (because she loves food) and then its UP ON THE TABLE I MUST GO.  If we scoop her into our laps she's all WTF ARE YOU DOING TO ME RESTRAINING ME IN THIS MANNER UP ON THE TABLE I MUST GO.  Some days I call her my little terrorist.

She also hates the Ergo.  She's never really loved the Ergo but I do, because it is the only carrier I can manage for long stretches with no back pain (front carry and long walks hurt my back but around the house and on my back I'm most comfortable using the Ergo).  I used to wear her on my back during supper prep because that's meltdown time for ALL babies and toddlers, but lately she's taken to screaming NONONONONONONONONO!!! and running away when I pull out the Ergo.  In fact, if I want some space from her, I will buckle it around my waist ON PURPOSE to make her yell NONONONO and run away.  She then finds some activity or brother to occupy her and voila!  Autonomous mommy.  I don't know why she hates it so much but likely because it confines her.

She bites.  She hits.  She pulls hair.  She scratches.  She's a bully and a survivor and I have no doubt if she were on Fear Factor she would eat every spider and bag every snake and take away the $50,000 and probably snag Joe Rogan while she's at it.  Mrs. Amarys Rogan, at your service.  Why yes, I do have $50,000 and I plan to spend it all on chocolate chips.  She loves animals and is quite gentle with our cat, and with the boys' class bunny (which we have inherited; long story for another day), and was remarkably curious and gentle with Nya, Louise's baby girl, this past week when we went for a visit.
If your baby crawls, however, GAME ON; she will aggressively guard her toys and her mommy and loudly make her displeasure known.  My friend and her little guy, my milk 'nephew' (the one I donated milk to last fall) came to visit today and he's in the crawl around and investigate stage, and she was all OH NO YOU DIDN'T for their entire visit.

She's remarkably funny.  Strong willed, curious, adventurous kids generally are, especially when they power through things and tie themselves up in knots they don't need to be in, you know?  She's forever plowing under the chairs to get under the table to stand up and WHACK her head on the underside of the table and then wail like someone DID THIS TO ME ON PURPOSE!!  She also loves to share her food with you, drink her water and say "AH!" afterwards, and grab the top part of my shirt and lean way back, exposing my bra for anyone who wants to see.   She will do something off limits and look at me with a smirk on her face, dimple showing, precocious and cute as stink.  She loves to nurse.  She loves to run out the front door and play in the grass.  She loves my vegetable garden.  She loves the trampoline.  She loves toys.  She gets very animated when daddy comes home from work.  She loves the sandbox, and also Moon Sand.  Moon sand!  She loves it so much and it is so cute!  Several times per day she opens the cupboard where I store the moon sand, pulls out the bag, brings it to me and insists in her questioning sound, "Doo? Doo? Doo? Doo?" And I have to say yes, who can say no to such insistent cuteness, and I pull out the moon sand, the toys, and within two minutes there is a disaster of sticky sandy moon sand all over the table, the chair, the baby, and the floor.  Oh, daughter.  If I had any grey hairs, I'd blame them all on you.  She loves to choose her own clothes.  She loves shoes.  She loves to bring people their shoes, she loves to wear other peoples' shoes, she loves to put multiple shoes on at one time.  She also loves to be naked, so we've had quite a few afternoons with shoes on and nothing else. around here.  Well, just her, not the rest of us, although Matthew would happily run around in his nothingness if we let him.  She loves her water table, and the rice/sand/tactile activity table at Strong Start.  Her idea of a joke is slapping you unexpectedly and laughing wildly at your reaction.  She scoots her little bum onto peoples' laps for unsolicited cuddles and it melts their hearts and wins everyone over.

She is 20.5 pounds, teensy, losing some baby chubs, and getting taller.  Her vocabulary consists of
-DeeDoo (thank you)
-Mama (she calls all her brothers Mama, too; totally hilarious)
-Dis (anything interesting, like the cat or rabbit)
-Mei Mei (which is Chinese for Little Sister, but which she uses to say MINE)
-'Cheese!' for the camera

She also has non verbals, some I mentioned but for a comprehensive list I will repeat them here;
-slaps my chest or points to my breasts for milk (she refuses to sign anymore.  Le sigh)
-nods head yes
-claps hands
-blows kisses
-raises hand to be picked up
-points index finger for 'thumbs up'~Riley loves to do thumbs up so her version involves her pointy finger
-gently takes your face in her hand and moves your face to look at her when she wants your attention
-unless she's slapping you for the same reason =)

She loves Baby TV.  I discovered this yesterday, when I turned it on for ten minutes to entertain her so I could lie on the couch and rest a bit.  Isn't the concept of Baby TV disgusting?  So gross.  And telus gives us three channels of it!  As if we need television for babies.  But it was useful yesterday, for ten minutes!  Generally she has little interest in television, but it is rarely on when she's awake and when it is, it is playing Star Wars Lego Wii or something Wii related (the boys rarely watch television either, they usually use their screen time up on Wii) that doesn't interest her.  So she was quite taken with the little animated characters riding bicycles to music on Baby TV.  She outgrew her love for Baby Eintstein awhile ago.  She probably got too many repeats during her winter nebulizer treatments...

Amarys is amazing.  She's bursting at the seams with personality, and I have video of her loving her first taste of iced tea tonight at dinner to show you....Enjoy!


tamie marie said...

I love your writing, and I am totally in love with your daughter.

Sandra said...

Awww <3 Amarys is so cute!!

melissa said...

Her awesomeness remains unchanged. Annabelle is similar in her total aversion to being confined.after she started walking, carriers of any kind were seldom tolerated unless she was sleepy or nursing. I love the image of Amarys following her brothers around everywhere all the time. Such a cool relationship, and she will always be able to hold her own, I'm sure!

melissa v. said...

THanks, lovelies! She IS cute. And hella loads of work!! Lol.

Jen said...

So cute! Loved the video.