Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Little Update: Backyard Edition

My garden this year is sprouting!  Last year was my first real vegetable garden and I learned tons.  Namely, that growing a vegetable garden is remarkably easy!  And: thinning is mandatory.  Not optional.  NOT thinning will get you skinny radish roots and no beets.  This year I rearranged things a bit so the zucchini has somewhere to expand and so I can grow more peas, etc.  I planted garlic, peas, beans, lettuce, radishes, beets, carrots, chives, parsley (that one survived from last year and is getting out of hand in the bottom right corner there), cilantro, basil, rosemary, oregano, eggplant, tomatoes, and zucchini.  Woot!  Isn't it pretty?

This is Panbeh.  He is a seven year old Lionhead rabbit who has graduated himself out of Ayden and Matthew's classroom.  Their teacher, who owned Panbeh, is retiring and we agreed to adopt Panbeh.  Because, you know, there's not enough abject chaos around here already....  But seriously, he's pretty easy. He's litter trained and just spent 7 years in an elemetary school classroom so he's fairly accustomed to being harassed by noise.  You should have seen my kids' faces when I said yes to this bunny.  Queen Mother, I am.  

Now this story is uber cool.  The boys put together bird houses as a daddy project this spring, and hung them in the backyard.  I figured they were hung up too late for bird nests, but lo and behold Riley's birdhouse was deemed the perfect fit for a pair of chickadees to make a nest and lay three small eggs!  The boys were AMPED when they discovered it, and I think it's hilarious that this chickadee couple chose the birdhouse ON the kids' play structure (not the one on the back fence, or the one in the pear tree, which would have been quieter).  For about a week the momma was sitting on her eggs, and today despite dire warnings to leave the bird house ALONE, Matthew opened the roof and discovered the babies had hatched!  I didn't want to disturb the momma by lifting the roof again and taking a photo of the babies inside but they look just like the National Geographic baby birds with wide open yellow mouths as big as their heads, tipped up towards the sky whenever you peek in.  We peeked in ONCE to see and then cleared out of the backyard altogether because I thought the momma might have a heart attack the way she was flying all around and screeching at us.  It was just so cool, and the ultimate childhood experience to build birdhouses and have a family of birds come live in one, and nestle in a handful of babies.  So cute.


melissa said...

Your garden is awesome! So very orderly, too. And how exciting to have baby birds! Yay, summer!

Amy Willa said...

Panbeh is so adorable! Abbey wants a bunny really badly, but she already has two dwarf hammies (one of which is MIA in our house somewhere right now - thank you, Abbey!) so we will admire your gorgeous bunny from afar! :)

Last summer, we had the privilege of hosting a family of Robins in our back porch rafters. Abbey loved hearing and seeing the baby bird's little beaks poke up out of the nest, and the mama bird bringing food to the babies. We even got to watch the last baby bird learn to fly in our backyard. It was really neat!

nancy said...

Great post! Nature in your suburban back yard - so cool!

Christine Powell said...

So much going on in your backyard, awesome. The rabbit is too beautiful, but I'm highly allergic to them, and all that extra fur makes my nose start itching just looking at his picture, lol. So awesome about the birds too!