Monday, July 2, 2012

All Parts Ridiculous: In Defense of the Bjorn

So, I have this beef with babywearer Bible thumpers.  What is that, you ask?  It's those people who thump the rest of us over the head with their babywearing rhetoric kind of like the Bible thumping preacher evangelist types who can't shut up about Jesus (FTR, I love Jesus.  I'm a silent Bible thumper.  I might pray for you, but I won't ring your doorbell and tell you about it).  In particular, I get quite angry when the thumpers get hoity toity about what kind of carrier you use.  Because a mainstream carrier couldn't POSSIBLY do the job adequately, there are several photos and some drawings of carriers shared overly freely on FB which villify this one:

There's statements which claim it to be non ergonomic, hard on baby's hips, and (this said with as much disdain as one can muster in the text only genre of the written word), obviously uncomfortable for baby.  This expression on Amarys' face says it all:

Dudes, you're so wrong

This is referred to unceremoniously as the 'crotch dangler' baby carrier.  Now hold your horses, for those of you who tout the superiority of other carriers, I also own one of these:

It happens to be my favourite carrier, and I have quite a few of them.  The reason I like the Ergo the best is because it is the most comfortable for me.  This is how much Amarys loves it:

She doesn't.

Amarys hates that thing, and she has since day one.  In fact, now that she is 15 months old, if she's bugging me to hold her while I make dinner and I just want some space from her?  I pull out my Ergo and buckle it around my waist and offer to put her in it.  She yells, "NONONONONONONONO!!" and runs away, and leaves me in peace.
She also hates this one:

This isn't the most fabulous example of me using the ring sling, since we are all bundled in winter jackets, but it is a good example of exactly what she does when she's in it.  Lean WAYYYYYYYY back trying to get away from me.  What does she love instead?  The Bjorn.

Happy as a clam.

I'm just saying that if that 'crotch dangler' is so uncomfortable, non ergonomic, and damaging to her hips, why is she so darn comfortable in it?  I mean, if you had a baby with hip dysplasia or a family history of it or something, you might want to double diaper before you use this thing.  Or better yet, stick to the Ergo since it forces baby's legs into the splits in a very uncomfortable manner if you ask me, but one that is better for HD. But normal hipped babies are just fine in here.  And I consider discourse regarding types of soft carriers to be decidedly first world problem debates.  

Women in Nambia are walking 8 miles a day for water and we argue that a $200 device that keeps your baby close to your body, facilitates breastfeeding, and allows them the option to face mommy or face the world is bad?  Pshhhhhhhhhhhhhht....

And for the sake of proving myself an idiot, here is a picture of Amarys HAPPY in the Ergo.  Which is still my favourite carrier of all time despite her particular distaste for it.  And this whole thing is a moot point anyways since she is far too heavy for me to cart around on my front anymore and I gave the Bjorn to my sister when Oliver was born.

Aren't I cute?  So close to the boobies....Yummy....


Louise Chapman said...

I LOVE the bjorn and so does Nya. I used it for all my kids until they were about 20lbs and then switch to the Ergo because like you said, more comfortable for me. Seriously, the bjorn has made my life 100X more easy the first 6 weeks because I have two other kids which require my hands AND Nya falls asleep in it within 2 minutes.

and, a first for me, I bf her in at canada day yesterday while walking around and it was super easy!

emili said...

So cute!

tamie marie said...

You are real, Mel. That's what I love about you.

Ruchi said...

I wouldn't put too much stock into the babywearing snobs. I am sure women in Africa are wearing their babies in $200 silk slings :)
You just have to do what works for you although the Bjorn really does not work for my back.
Although these days baby wearing with any carrier is doing a number on my back. Pregnancy and shlepping kids around seems to have permanently put it out of whack

lori said...

Fun post! I love the pics of Amarys' expressions!

I have a series of baby-wearing shots I've daydreamed about gathering into a blog post for some time now. I can hardly imagine life not wearing my babies. On the sheerly practical level, I would've gotten even LESS housework done / meals made / etc. etc., difficult to imagine as that is, and I so badly want for other new moms to be aware of the concept of baby-wearing. Silly, a person might assume! Surely everyone nowadecade is familiar! Try living in a small farming community. :o/ Anyway, I agree that the exact carrier is so not the point! Lord! It's whatever works for a gal and her wee little lad or lass.