Monday, July 30, 2012

More Epic Tripping

So the first full day at Miracle Beach started with a homemade zip line.  This was hours of hysterical entertainment and MUCH dirtiness (what else is camping about, eh?)

This dude was the most frequent and successful
zipliner.  He has no fear and is light and strong

Ayden is a chicken.  It took him a long while of
this before he would actually go... But once he
got the hang of it there was no holding him back

Riley, of course, needed assistance whether
he wanted it or not, and generally bit the dust
midway because he's not quite strong enough

Amarys' take on the zipline?  Dudes, you're interrupting my lunch.

Later that day we went down to the beach and it was super relaxing because for once in our lives our kids were simultaneously ferociously entertained and all we had to do was lie in the sand and watch them lazily from a distance.  Amarys LOVES the beach and spent much of her time rolling around in the sand and examining all the flotsam.

Always with the weaponry...

Baby toss!  She loved it

We had a late lunch and later dinner, then went back to the beach around sunset to do some fishing.  Man, we live in a beautiful country...

If you look closely, there are deer in the background 

This ocean camping is new for me, since I grew up in the interior and basically grew up in the woods, emerging for school season and returning in summer.  I like ocean camping, I must say.  It is gorgeous and way less buggy.  This campground had a jillion families, which means that everyone went to bed early.  Both nights we had dinner pretty late, and pretty much had to go to bed when the kids did because it was so quiet and we didn't want to disturb anyone.  That's okay, we need sleep like we need to breathe these days, so it was just fine.  And we spent hours just sitting around relaxing.  SO NICE.  We also spent hours running around on the beach.

More to come, soon ♥


Tamie Fields said...

Really wonderful photos, Mel. I'm just so glad you're able to do these things with your family right now. I think about you, so glad that things are so good for you right now.

Jen said...

Great shots! Looks like some epic family time.