Friday, July 27, 2012

The Epic Vose Trip of 2012: Part I

Well it is about time I updated you with photos from our trip at the beginning of July.  This trip was awesome, and none of us wanted to come home.  It started off the evening before; I make all our bread lately, as a cost saving measure and then once you START making homemade bread, you're done for, because McGavin's just cannot compare.  Nothing compares that costs less than $6 a loaf.  =)  The downside is we eat a lot of bread.  And I'm responsible for making it.  However Ayden has been asking me to teach him to make it for awhile, so I got him to do it the night before we left for our Epic Trip to Vancouver Island, top to bottom.  He was so proud!  He even cut his initials into the top of his loaves.  So cute.
Proud baker

We're in business, peeps!  I'm here to help

Oh yes, I'm cute.

Initials on a loaf =)

The following day we got on the road "bright and early"~which for us means anytime before noon.  Not because we sleep in, but because we are six people, four of whom are small, and it takes us an inordinate amount of time to get out the door.  It's like herding cats.  And of course no one has to pee until after their seat belt is on, because, well, that is peeing.
Anyways, we had aimed to catch the 12:50 ferry.  Well, in my mind it was the 12:50 ferry.  In Brent's mind it was the 12:15 ferry.  We left and Brent was driving and I thought, "Gee, he must want to stop in town for something along the way," because he was driving the wrong way.  SOUTH, towards Langley City.  Rather than WEST, towards Vancouver and the North Shore, where we would catch our ferry.  But of course there are fifteen conversations going on simultaneously in the van and Brent and I just never get farther than six words into any conversation with EACH OTHER, so I didn't say my thought out loud.  Brent was worried about the ferry being full since it was a long weekend so he handed me his phone to check online (the ferry website will tell you what percent each sailing is full at any given time).  He was getting antsy because it was taking me forever to get his phone to do what I wanted, and I said, "I'm just trying to get your phone to go to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal listings.  It won't GO to the page I WANT!"  And he said, "Horseshoe Bay!  We're going to Tsawwassen!"  I laughed so hard.  He wasn't going to pick something up, he was going to the WRONG FERRY TERMINAL!  So we argued a bit over which one we had planned on taking (isn't it obvious?  We actually planned to go on different trips.), and which one we SHOULD take (isn't the wife always right, here, folks?), and in the end looked up the ferry percent full on each terminal and decided on Horseshoe Bay only because we had the best chance of getting to the terminal and on the ferry at that terminal.  So hilarious.
Anyways, that night we arrived at the Miracle Beach campground near Courtney.  It is HUGE (over 150 sites) and was chock full since it was Canada Day long weekend, but the grounds are so well planned that we had tons of privacy and it was so quiet it was almost disconcerting.  The beach was amazing!  We had so much fun.  There were deer everywhere and they are incredibly tame, because they have no natural predators in that part of the island.  The kids had a blast.  We did, too.

Before we left the driveway, after everybody peed

I'm such a dork.  But I have cute kids!

Ayden won't go near the edge of the boat.  It might tip.

Our campsite; you would never know there were almost 200 sites!  There were huge spaces between sites, and ours backed onto forest, which had deer and plenty of what we thought were mosquitoes but must have been some kind of mayfly or something because none of us got bit.

Just behind our site, the first day

Also spotted: little boys in the woods

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