Monday, August 13, 2012

17 Months Old!

Amarys was 17 months old on August 1st.

She's growing like a weed!  She weighs 22 lbs, she is 75 cm long/tall, and is cuter than stink.

She has learned to 'bounce,' walk backwards, spin in circles, and speak in 2 word sentences.  "More milk?"  "Big bug!" "Where Ri-ey?"  She can say Mommy, Daddy, Riley, Gramma, Grampa, and Paige ("Pay!"), which is our cat.  She can't yet say Matthew or Ayden's names, so she just calls them "Mama."  She can also say bird, hi, bye, water, poopy (as in, I have a poopy diaper please change it?), baby, hat, shoe (she loves shoes), yay, wow, no, and cheese (like, for the camera).  She's a climber, and a very determined little soul.  If she fixes her mind on something, there is no deterring her.  Sigh.

-the beach
-animals of all sizes, shapes, and types
-bikes (especially Riley's bike)
-hats (especially her bike helmet, which she calls her 'hat')
-her brothers
-playing 'chase the toddler with clothing or a diaper'
-food of all kinds, and especially meat
-sitting on the bar stools at our counter
-walking on the table/counter
-getting into mischief of all kinds

-going to sleep
-sitting still
-being restrained in a carseat
-anyone outside her immediate family especially if they come on strong (she's extending this; her grandparents are cool now, and some of our closer friends whom she sees regularly)
-bugs touching her
-being distracted, redirected, or told no

Amarys sparkles with personality.  She's vibrant, strong, willful, funny, smart, and loud.  We enjoy her a LOT and get a kick out of making her laugh; with tickles, chasing games, blowing raspberries, or playing peek a boo.  Is there anything sweeter than toddler laughter?  And baby dimples?  I think not.

She's also getting a crap load of teeth all at once.  Four molars, and four canines are working their way through right now, which is giving her grief.  She chews on her finger a lot.  And nurses a lot.  Poor baby.

She's getting leaner and taller.  And her hair is thicker, and the sun has bleached it out this summer.  We spend hours of each day outdoors.  I love the smell of her hair after a day in the sun, wind, and water.  It has a special, baked sweet toddler smell to it.  I'm so excited that she is growing and learning, and so sad that it is happening so fast.  She's my last baby!  I keep squeezing her and whispering to her to slow down!  Stay a baby forever!  But inevitably she's growing up exponentially faster each day.

Love to you, sweetheart.  You'll always be my sweet baby girl.  ♥

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lori said...

She seriously is adorable. Even from a far-removed distance I can see that. Are those tiny pink swim shoes in the photo? Gee whiz. Cuteness spasms!

P.S. every single time you post these overviews of your kids where you take the time and energy to capture their likes and dislikes, I am so impressed and think you should be titled a Mother Dutchess of Canada or something.