Thursday, September 20, 2012

8 Years Old!

Happy birthday Matthew!!!  I can't believe we have an eight year old on our hands, here, folks... It seems like JUST YESTERDAY we were celebrating his first birthday (in absentia~he was still in Thailand and we had a party for him--you can see his photos on the table at the back near Gramma).

The next birthday, Matthew was home....

The next year Matthew turned 3:
(the year Brent was away at training for 6 months)

Then Matthew turned 4:

Then he was five!  And at kindergarten!!!

And SIX!

And last year he turned SEVEN whole years old...

And finally, today, EIGHT years old.  Wow, what a trip =)

This kid is awesome.  As you can see from the photos, he has a HUGE personality.  He's goofy and hilarious and high, high, HIGH energy, gogogogogogo all day long, and he sleeps as hard as he plays.  Charismatic and outgoing, friends with everyone, and proud of who he is, how he came to be, and the story of how he came to us.  He is the world's most amazing climber.  He is a fast runner and plays soccer really well.  He's very, very sociable and outgoing, and would rather do anything WITH you than anything WITHOUT you =) He loves to explore and learn, loves to build legos, and is pretty much ALL BOY.  You name a 'boy thing,' and he's into it: trucks, cars, machines, digging, rocks, dirt, sticks, video games, explosions, electronic gadgety things, etc, etc.  He also loves to cook, is my best and most enthusiastic helper, loves his siblings, and is a sucker for routine.  He's also a sucker for candy.  And money.  He loves to have change jingling in his pocket.

He has allergies; anaphylactic to soy, latex, and sulfa drugs.  Hayfever to pollen.  He has irritable bladder syndrome.  He has ADHD.  He is a really good builder; lego, blocks, connecting toys, etc.  He steals your heart and never lets it go.

We are forever grateful to his birth momma for giving us this incredible treasure, our little (tiny; he's very small for his age) tasmanian devil, the most incorrigible creature on the planet, the hardest working kid I know, who never gets down or discouraged, and who spills over with love and laughter.  We are grateful for her sacrifice in relinquishing him to us, and we celebrate all that he is.  A mixture of her and us, and wholly HIM.

Happy eighth birthday, Matthew Thanawuth Smith Vose.  xxxooo
Love you forever.


Louise Chapman said...

Love the look back!! That second picture, where you are celebrating his first birthday, had me in happy tears. Happy birthday Matthew!!

Unknown said...

That's so awesome! I loved reading your blog post! Such a blessing!

Caryn Ouwehand said...

Happy Birthday Matthew!

Just curious... is his middle name the birth name he was given? And how did you choose Matthew for his first name?

You know me.... I'm a sucker for a good story.

Tamie said...

Happy birthday, wonderful Matthew. I'm so glad you are in this world!!!