Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Good Day. Some Sweating.

I'm on a blog roll (get it?), look at me post three times in three days!!!

Today was a really good day.  Woke up on time, got kids ready without incident, took older ones to school on time.
It was grandparent's day at preschool so Sharon and Leon both took the day off work and came by to take him to school and participate in Riley's special event.  I threw on some random clothes and stuffed my near afro into a ponytail, scooped Amarys and went to Old Navy.

See, today I had a pre screening test for a job I applied for, and I needed some interview-worthy clothes to wear to it.  Even if I didn't pass the screening test, I would need interview clothes anyways, because of course I'm on the prowl for a job.  Since we saved money the other day by NOT needing a van overhaul just yet, I could buy something to wear.  I own absolutely no interview worthy clothes, not even close.  I own two pairs of ill fitting and outdated blue jeans, one light blue, one dark.  I own two pairs of tights and three skirts: jean skirt, kakhi skirt, and flouncy blue flirty skirt.  And one summer dress.  I'm frequently short on clean laundry.  Old Navy is awesome, so off we went.

Shopping with Amarys is a trip.  She won't sit in the cart.  She won't follow where I want to go.  She wants to 'browse' the racks, drag pyjama bottoms I don't need around behind her, and touch everything.  Staying positive and patient and within eyesight is a stretch.  Plus, it has been so long since I shopped, I have no idea what size I am so I'm pulling three sizes of every item off the rack.  I had a huge pile of clothes to try on in the change room.

We get in the change room, and I lock the door and get the clothes organized.  Amarys climbs on and off the bench.  I start trying things on, Amarys gets off the bench as fast as she can and starts stripping.  Everything. Socks, shoes, tights, diaper, you name it.  She's naked.  And wants to try on pants.  Women's, size 10.  And is mad when she can't pull them up properly (!!!)
Meanwhile, I'm on a time crunch.  I have exactly one half hour to finish here and get home before Riley comes home from preschool, and I'm still planning on heading to Payless for some fancy boots.

I sweated.  But I had major success; two outfits to choose from, both interview worthy, and both look awesome, fit my body type, are sophisticated, and go with black boots, which I'm planning on buying.  I got a black knit dress with cowl neck, charcoal grey tights, two red tank tops/camis (regular $20, on for $5), an awesome charcoal sweater (regular $50 on for $20), and black skinny dress pants, stretchy.

I had zero time left but ran over to Payless anyways~I was hoping preschool would run late =)  I came in the door and the associate greeted me right away and totally helped me find the perfect boots in 5 minutes flat.  She helped me find insoles for comfort, and rang me up.  Presto, awesome black boots.

I rushed home and got there before Riley and his grandparents.  Hopped in the shower and got ready for my big test.  This test is for police dispatch in Brent's zone (Pay close attention, because I will not be able to blog about it at ALL if I get this job, and will likely have to come back and delete that info because this blog is public.  The r*cmp are sticklers about security, and I don't blame them.  It's why I never blog about my husband's job.  Which is very interesting and has some wildly funny stories, but what can you do?  No dice.

I took some careful pains with my appearance today, which was really quite nice, for a change.  =)  I did my hair in the proper curly way, with curl enhancer and spinning sections around my finger to make them curl in ringlets.  I tweezed my eyebrows.  (And my chin.  Love my beard.  LOVE IT).  I put on makeup.  REAL deodorant, since my Happy Pits stuff is AWESOME but kind of doesn't cut the mustard for this kind of stress.  I put on my new black dress.  My tights.  My boots.  Some sparkly dangly earrings.  It was awesome.

I switched purses.  Breathed deeply.  And went to my test.

I was so nervous!  It was wild.  When I left BC Ambulance I kind of figured I wouldn't have to go through this type of a process again, but here I am.  I had kind of thought I would either go academic, self employed, midwifery, or something that didn't really require an employer, but I knew it was a possibility I might need to.  And the test I did today is notoriously difficult.  It tests multi tasking ability, speed, accuracy, decision making, prioritization, discernment, data entry, spelling, reading comprehension, map reading skills; you name it, it's on that test.  And you have to MULTI task, lemme tell you.  It was 2 hours plugged into a headset and on a computer, doing test after test after test.  I needed 80% to pass, in order to be eligible for an interview. I'm usually a good test taker.  I do well on standardized tests, whether multiple choice, essay, practical skills, or anything in between.  This test made me sweat bullets.

I worked hard, paid close attention, did the practice bits they allowed for, and was the last one to leave the room.

By the time I got home, I had an email waiting for me, inviting me to an interview on MONDAY!  I passed!  Hip hip hooray!

Oh, and everyone else was wearing jeans and sneakers, and their hair looked like they fell out of bed and came to the test.  I was way overdressed.  But I was like, seriously?!?!  Do you want this job or not?  You don't show up for ANYTHING job application related wearing friggin jeans and sneakers.  Apply some lip gloss, maybe mascara?  Run a comb through your hair?  Make an effort.

Not judging.  Totally not.

But I probably overshot the dress code.  Oh well.  Better over than under, in that circumstance.  Cross your fingers for me: Monday is ONE of TWO interviews, after which I will find out either way.  It's kind of an info session and interview rolled into one.

Pros of this job:
Pay is awesome.
I like shift work (call me crazy, you'd be right).
It is close by (closer than Chilliwack).
I could work with hubby a bit sometimes.
Career that helps people in crisis, I really like those jobs.
Transferable (possibly) if needed.
Not on a set schedule (I like this, too).
Different from my last job, but uses a ton of my skill set from previous job.

Daycare will be a logistical nightmare.
Stressful.  Well, not really but on the higher end of stressful in the jobs I was applying for or interested in.
Might not see a paycheque before Christmas.

Clearly it is a good opportunity.

I came home, Brent took off for a night shift, and I cleaned up and served dinner (Until dinner, I had eaten only one orange all day.  I was too nervous and busy to eat).  I had organized a babysitter for tonight, and I went to a play with Brent's mom and sister.  It was so fun!  And so nice to go out and do an artsy thing with the girls.  We had a great time.

I came home and Amarys had waited up for me.  Stinker.  She konked in about three seconds with boob and cuddles, and now I'm blogging.  Sweet, sweet day.

Wish me luck, peeps.  If this isn't the job for me, it needs to be very clear.  Pray hard.


melissa said...

High five for dressing yourself so you felt awesome and for passing the test. Ending the day with a girls night out sounds perfect, too. Crossing fingers!!

Louise Chapman said...

Way to go on the test! I think we might need a picture of you looking all hot:) By the way, way to shop with Amarys running around. Koen always does it too and ALWAYS runs into a mirror or sharp corner or something and gets injured and then he gets a free balloon. Which apparently makes it all better. Keep us posted!

Doulanic said...

I just got caught up on your blog - wow, I'm exhausted reading it! Especially the day with all the problems. Whew! But so glad to hear of the mellowing .... I'm hoping for that too at some point. :-)
All the best with the job stuff ....sounds like a neat job for you! Will pray!
And yes, I agree with Louise - I think you should post a pic of you in your new stuff. I need to shop for some new things soon (since I've lost 20 lbs!) and I've always been hesitant about Old Navy us what ya got!!!