Saturday, October 6, 2012

More Summer Joy

After our Otter Lake travels and anniversary celebration, we had a week and a half at home.  Ayden was supposed to have baseball camp but it was cancelled!  So we hung around, hit the water park a few times, slept in, rode bikes, and enjoyed the weather.  This summer was amazing.  Every single day.

Amarys fell in love with bike riding.  She was so cute at Otter lake, we brought this little red bike pictured here, and she rode around so serious.  She wore her helmet all the time (she still does), calling it her "hat."

She also wanted to go everywhere with me; the tap, the bathrooms, the garbage bins.  If I went to the bathrooms without her, she was overjoyed when I came back, shouted, "Mommy!!!" gleefully, and threw up her arms for a hug.  Every time.  What a greeting, especially after just having been to the toilet!

Anyways, back home...
Her brothers are so busy on the bikes, it is hard to get a decent photo of them!

So I made a video.  =)

It's really cute, and only 2 1/2 minutes.  Enjoy!


On Riley's birthday.  I think I fell asleep at 4:30, and then my alarm went off at 5:05 to take his photo

My sister Megan and baby Oliver came over to help celebrate Riley's birthday

His brothers rode bikes to the corner store and bought him some birthday candy with their own money

What better way to end your birthday than jumping on the bed?
Also; Matthew got stung by a wasp he was trying to capture, and his hand swelled up pretty horribly;

I have a similar reaction when I get stung, and my dad is severely allergic to hymenoptera stings.  I'm assuming Matthew might be, too?  Although just his hand swelled this time so hopefully not.  He's not keen on that epi pen of his.  I gave him benadryl but it only helped a little.  Any natural remedies for next time?


literal mama said...

Riley's smile makes me immensely happy! He is so cute! I miss your kids so much!!!!

melissa v. said...

Thanks! He enjoyed his birthday celebrations muchas =)

melissa said...

I've been saving this so I could watch the video when I didn't have a sleeping baby on my lap and I'm glad I did. Your kids are so cool! It's funny to see their personalities here after reading your awesome descriptions of them for so long. They were just what I expected :)

Tonya said...

Natural remedies for wasp sting? Possibly activated charcoal! Look it up. Not sure. Your kids are so stinking cute!!!