Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Ah, Halloween!  So much fun.  My favorite thing to do on Halloween is to hand out candy.  Since Brent started his current job I haven't been able to do it because he's been working every single year.  This year he was working day shift so I got everyone ready, set out the pumpkins and a bowl at the door, drove the kids to our friends' place for the annual pizza-dinner-then-trick-or-treat-extravaganza that we do, and traded off with Brent when he finished work at 6:30.  I dashed back to our house and am sitting in an extremely untidy living room (next to a kitchen that would make FlyLady faint), blogging and eating candy.  =)  I finally get to hand out candy again!!!  Although I missed the first half hour or so, I'm still getting a good amount of kids.  I love the costumes and the spookeriness and the smell of candles in pumpkins and the sound of fireworks.

It's POURING rain here, though.  So maybe this year it's not so much spooky as steamy.  In a non amorous way.  My cats are in a frantic state.  Oh!  That reminds me, here's a picture of my new kitten:

Her name is Sasha.  Isn't she cute?!  She's been awesome, and of course acting like a normal kitten, leaping out at everyone's ankles all the time, chewing my yarn, and getting into small spaces.  She's fully litter trained which is something that makes cats so much better than d. o. g. s. in my opinion.  You don't have to 'train' them, you just put litter out and they go.  Dump and go.  No warm poop in a bag, ever.  

She's chasing my ponytail as we speak.  Our other cat Paige is acting tormented in her soul that we brought another cat home.  Especially one that pounces.  Sasha is brazenly sleeping in Paige's bed and swatting her ears and hunting her tail... Paige is longsuffering.
Ah, cats.  And kittens!  They are my favorite.  Even when she chews my Malabrigo chunky that costs me $20 a ball.

Today was a long day.  My eyes are puffy.  I had a tiff with one of the teachers at school and had to go home and email them to say they were kinda out of line.  It was totally fine, but I did cry a lot.  I think my life group yesterday opened me up emotionally and I was just sorta sensitive (so that's the day someone chooses to tiff with you, right?  Murphy's Law), plus I hate to confront anyone on anything, particularly on my own behalf.  Treat my kid like crap and I'll call you on it.  Treat me like crap?  I'll probably just stutter.  Or be silent.  Anyway, I sent the email and received a sincere apology and apologized for my part in it, too.  It's totally settled but it still kind of threw me off.  I forgot to make myself coffee in the morning.  I kept getting somewhere and forgetting why I was there.
I went for a run though!  My first run since my concussion in August.  I surprised myself by running 6, walking 4; I figured with so long out of the running and starting back cold, in the pouring rain, with a stroller, short on sleep, and with puffy eyes, I wouldn't have it in me.  But I did!  I only did 3 rounds of 6+4 but it was an excellent start.
(We need a treadmill.  Rain sucks).

I shopped a bit for groceries and stuff, and picked up the kids from school.  I felt so out of it that I fed them a snack and let them play Wii for an hour while I curled up in bed and tried to fend off toddler requests to read books.  (Yes, I refused to read books to her.  Did I mention I was exhausted?  Yeah, that).

Then we went to our friends' house for Halloween celebrations, and the rest you know.

Except that I'm doula-ing again and my client is looking nesty.  *Pursed lips.*  I'm not prepared.  =/  Guess I better GET prepared.  

To finish, a quote from Izzeldin Abuelaish, a Palestinian doctor who champions peace:
A healthy society needs wise and educated women.  An educated and healthy woman will raise an educated and healthy family.  We need to link education with health care, and the most effective way to do that is to make sure that education and health care are available to women.  It's an investment... Removing the barriers that confront our women and girls could very well lead us to peaceful coexistence.

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Dude. This writing every day or almost every day thing is what I am *talking* about. Keep it up, yo.