Sunday, November 4, 2012

20 Months!

Sweet 20 month old baby.  I knit her this hat.  She loves it.

Amarys is 20 months old!  I missed the 18 and 19 month posts, so sorry... But here we are all grown up into a feisty toddler.  Fiercely independent and cute as a bug.

I loooooove the baby stage but once they are toddlers, they really get fun.  More sleep, a longer "umbilical cord," lots of love and cuddles, and the beginnings of the unfolding of language and a sense of self.  I LOVE toddlers.  They are lots of work, they get into lots of 'trouble,' but it is amazing to watch them learn.  They are so transparent, wide open, and beautiful in how they learn, and they do it at wicked speeds.  Yesterday, I had a baby.  Today, she's picking out her own clothes.  Tomorrow, she will learn five words and that blue crayola marker shows up on the brown leather couch and that her new preference is for the blue dress she rejected all summer long.  She is amazing.

Amarys (which, by the way, rhymes with "glamorous"~I keep thinking I should do a phonetic explanation of her name since it is unusual and if you haven't met her in real life, you wouldn't know how to pronounce it) is putting two words together consistently, like "No boots!" or "Pick nose!" or "Where daddy?"  Or her newest one, "Ep peas?"  [Help, please~which I taught her to give her an option besides ear splitting screeching when she needs a hand with something].  She jumps like a maniac.  She climbs like a maniac.  She eats like a maniac.  I've never seen such a high strung kid.  She's WILD (although she likes to hide it in public.  People generally think she's sweet, quiet, and diminuitive when we are out and about: she saves her freak on for when we are at home.  Mostly).  She calls animals "Lo-lo" and for awhile that applied to all animals except cats, which were "Pay" for Paige, and rabbits, which are "Pa-bay" for Panbeh.  But now she's figured out that dogs are dogs.  Most other animals are still "Lo-los" except pigs, which are "Tawee" (scary).  

Her main focus in life is our family.  She's usually bringing up the tail end of whatever her brothers are up to, or dragging a chair over to "Ep" me in the kitchen.  She talks incessantly about the family members which are not present: so when Brent is working, she asks me all day, "Daddy?  Daddy?  Where daddy?"  And when the boys are at school, it's "Riwee?  Da-yew? {Matthew} Ae? {Ayden}" and repeat.  As she's falling asleep at night she talks about all of us.  "Mommy?  Daddy?  Ae?  Riwee?  Da-yew?"  And whomever is putting her to sleep has to respond with the location of each family member, one by one.  And possibly their body parts.  "Riwee?  Ha?"  Yes, Riley has hair.  "Riwee?  Eye?"  Yes, Riley has eyes.  "Riwee?  RIWEE?"  Riley is sleeping.  "Ae?  Ha?"  Yes, Ayden has hair.  "Ae?  No?"  Yes, Ayden has a nose.  "POOP-EE"  Did you fart?  "Hm." {yes}

She loves her accessories; shoes, hats, mittens, bracelets, necklaces, socks.... you name it, she loves it.  She has JUST started exhibiting the first gender differences that I've noticed as separate from my boys.  All my kids played with dolls on and off, because we don't really believe in excessive or strict gender stereotyping and prefer an androgynous approach that supplies neutral, 'boy,' and 'girl' toys for play, regardless of whether they are a boy or a girl.  We don't go in for the adage, "Boys and girls are so DIFFERENT!"  We acknowledge some differences but like to provide an array of toys and allow them to develop into who they are based on what comes naturally.  Matthew liked to play kick ball with the dolls.  Ayden liked to role play feeding them and carrying them about in the little play carseat we have.  Riley loved to cuddle up with his baby doll when he was sleeping for a few months of his toddlerhood, and when Amarys was born he had a doll that he carted around and put to bed at night.  Amarys is no different, she likes to toss around balls and play with plastic power drills and cart around dolls (especially one that says "Mama?  Mama?" when you squeeze/punch her stomach, and cries when you touch her face), but she's more nurturing towards her dolls than any of my boys were.  Just a bit.  She likes to change their diapers, cuddle them, and pat their backs.  She likes to talk about them and cuddle them at night while she's falling asleep.  It is similar to the boys, but just a little bit deeper.  It's pretty sweet.

She's in love with baths.  She likes to be clean.  She's also in love with colouring and has actually drawn on my leather couch with blue crayola marker on several occasions.  She's in LOVE with our new kitten and about 274,509,284 times a day we have to rescue Sasha from Amarys' death grip/suffocation embrace/neck hold.  Sigh.  I really think she's got a deep animal love streak that she inherited from Brent's sister, who has a famous animal whisperer thing going.  There are many, many photos of Cherilyn carting around kittens by the neck when she was a little girl.  =)  Amarys has the same love for animals.

She's enthusiastic, energetic, fierce, and the love of my life.  Happy 20 months, pemp-in {pumpkin} ♥


tamie marie said...

That picture at the end is gorgeous.

If you asked me how old Amarys was, I probably would have said 7 months. It seems to me like only 7 months have passed since she was born. It's all happened so fast!

Thanks for this wonderful post, a window on the sweet little girl.

melissa v. said...

Thank you!! I know, it feels like only a few months have passed, and all of a sudden she's nearly two. And Riley is all grown up, and the older boys!!! What happened? Crazy, crazy life.

nancy Smith said...

This little girl is so so pretty! She reminds me so much of her mom at this age. My grandchildern are obviously taking up all the cuteness in the world! I feel so sorry for other grannys who have to be content with any leftovers!

Caryn Ouwehand said...

Not that this is that important, but OH MY GOSH I HAVE BEEN SAYING HER NAME WRONG FOR ALMOST 2 YEARS! I mean, not that I SAY it that often, but in my head, I have always said it like the girl I went to high-school with. Hers was spelled Amaris, and it was pronounce "A-mare-is"... so I've automatically always just thought of it that way. She is a sweet little pumpkin! Love the fall photos with her mama!

melissa v. said...

Thanks, lovelies. She's a sweetheart. ♥