Wednesday, December 12, 2012

21 Months!

Sweet, glamorous Amarys is 21 months old... This post is a bit late but she's doing so many remarkable things these days that I just have to post about it.  Peanut butterrrrrrr, she is so cute.  =)
She is TALKING like crazy.  All three of my other kids were late talkers, so it keeps surprising us how remarkably adept she is at language.  She claimed "No, mine do it!" the other day when I asked her if she wanted help, that was her first four word sentence.  Now in true toddler style, she leapt forward in that milestone and now she frequently puts three and four words together in a sentence, and will say several words repeatedly or even select an alternate word if you don't understand what she's trying to communicate with you.  She understands a massive amount of what we say, and knows associations.  Today I was talking about my dad, and she asked me, "Nana?  'Lo?  Nana?"  Nana is the word we use for my mom.  So she heard me talking about my dad and associated him with his wife, Nana, and wanted to talk to Nana on the phone (because this is mainly what I do with my mom, as far as she can see!).

She also pees on the toilet!  And poop, but you already knew that from that gorgeous poop photo I posted last month.  Not even close to all the time, but around once a day we can catch a pee or poop.  If we can get her on the toilet early enough in the morning, she will go for sure.  She's SUPER proud of herself and wants everyone to clap for her, and says, "Yay Amiss!" (Yay, Amarys!) and jumps up and down and claps.  Grinning from ear to ear.  So precious.

She's really into dolls and babies these days.  She wants to change their "biaper" all day long, "wipe bum" and "yucky!"  She holds them and talks about how babies have "miwk" from "mommy's miwk."  She and Riley are really getting into playing together, especially the Little People, the doll house my dad made them, and dress up.  They wear the funniest costumes ever, everywhere we go.  Today we picked Ayden and Matthew up from school and Amarys was wearing fleece jammies, boots, and a teddy bear hat from an old halloween costume, and Riley was wearing a bumblebee costume with a skirt over top, around his neck hanging down the front like an enormous bib.  We got a few looks and a few comments.  =)

She can recognize animals like "mock-ee" (monkey), "doddy" (doggy), "Wawwit" (rabbit), "duck" followed by "wa-wa-wa" (quack-quack-quack), and the old fallback "Lo-lo" which has morphed into "Lu-lu."  This used to mean any animal, and still sometimes does if she doesn't know what an animal is (she has trouble with goats.  They all look different!).  But mainly Lu-lu is now the name of one of her stuffed dogs.  She brings Lu-lu and "Baby" (a cabbage patch doll my aunt bought for her when she was born) into bed every night and spends a fair amount of time settling them under or over the blanket, moving them from the left to the right of the bed and back again, and discussing them.  When she wakes up at night and joins us in our bed, she usually brings one or several of her stuffies and her baby.

She loves baths.  She asks to have a bath 34780982 times a day, and after every pee accident for sure.  Usually I cave around 9 a.m. and she has a bath and toodles around in there while I sit in the hallway on the computer or clean the bathroom or something, and then she bugs me all day afterwards for another bath.  She also loves books, and we spend much of our time interrupting what we're doing to read books (or gently refusing), or asking one of the older boys to read to her.  She also loves "teewee" (TV) which might sound horrible but gets me fifteen minutes of peace every now and then.  She balances the love with a short attention span  =)
You know how toddlers are.  Intense.  "Teewee" is my friend.

When she gets tired, bored, feels ignored or neglected, is finished with an activity, or is angry with us, she throws stuff.  Usually whatever she's playing with or whatever is nearby.  Playdoh, felt pens, chalk, dried beans, my Christmas village figurines, Little People, food, plates, cups, cutlery; nothing is safe.  She's also the queen of the angry toddler wet noodle backflip.  And she bites.

She flipped a magic switch and loves her extended family now.  She LOVES her grandpa, who worked hard to win her over for months and months and months.  She loves sleepovers and grandma and grandpa's house, loves her aunties and Nana visiting, and can't get out of the house fast enough if they are here to take her somewhere for an adventure.  She still gets shy around friends if she's not that familiar with them but eventually warms up.  I think she just finally figured out that I always come back.  And that her extended family are safe people whom she can trust.  Woot!

She LOVES food.  Hooray!  Such a relief to have a good eater.  She will eat anything.  She sleeps a lot better these days, too.  She was at the point where my/our presence distracts her and gets her all riled up and makes her fight sleep?  So I did what worked with Matthew and Riley--give her a cuddle, nurse her for a bit, then say goodnight and go sit on the outside of her bedroom door, with it open just a bit.  Every time she gets up out of bed, I get up and take her back to bed.  Then go sit by the door again.  She cries but knows I'm there.  She's prefer if I were right next to her, but she gets amped up when I am, so I sit by the door.
It took a number of trips back to her bed and some frustration on her part but eventually she wound down and fell asleep.  The fact that she's older is reassuring, because she understands that I'm there, and that I want her to wind down and sleep, and that if she really needs me or hurts herself or gets scared, I'm there.  She just didn't like it all that much.  Parenting.  So much harder than it looks.  =)

Sweetness in a bundle.  Love, and love, and love.  ♥

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Louise Chapman said...

I love all of these Amarys tidbits:) She's adorable and how the heck did she get so old?!!!