Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oregon Coast, Day 2

We're pretty proud of our wilderness, in BC, but really nothing on earth compares to where the sea meets Oregon.

Day 2 we rolled around in bed for far too long in the morning, particularly when sharing the trailer with travel companions who are wont to 'rise early.'  I'm sure we drove them nuts every morning.  But man, are we in love with sleeping in.  All but poor Matthew (at least he had his grandparents to keep him company in the mornings).

Anyways, we had a slow start, wrangled all the kids into clothes somehow, and headed South.

You know, we just couldn't wait to hurry up and stop at every lookout along the way.  At first it was exciting (my parents neverrrrrr stopped at roadside lookout points, so this is still novel for me) and fun, but eventually it is kind of more of the same and by the last lookout I just stayed in the car.  There's only so much one can take.

After this we went to Tillamook to tour the cheese factory (again, a poisonous tourist trap type of situation that my parents would avoid like the plague; in ten years as a Vose I've been shamelessly converted to tourist trapism; I quite liked the cheese factory).  We had so much fun that apparently we took no photos.  Actually I think we were busy kid wrangling, and lets face it, its a factory.  We don't need photos.

We got to sample amazing cheese, and watch the factory floor goings on for nearly an hour, discussing all the various machines and stations and what they were up to.  Riley now wants to own a cheese factory when he grows up--he draws blueprints and pictures of himself outside the cheese factory all the time.  =)

Then we made it to Canon Beach!  It was cold but gorgeous.

A motely crew.  I may have married into some nerdiness--just sayin'

We had a late dinner and crawled into bed after so much adventure and more beauty than we could stuff in our memories.

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tamie marie said...

All your kids are awesome and I have a special affinity for Amarys. And, some of those shots of Oregon are so kick-ass.