Monday, December 3, 2012

Oregon Coast Trip, Belated, Day 1

The final trip of our summer needs some description, if only so that I never forget it.  Sorry I'm posting it in December but what can I say???  I have four kids, that's what I can say.  Okay!  Onward and upward:

We packed the day before we left, mostly.  And by "we" I mean Brent.  As you know, the week before our trip to Oregon, I smacked my head on the outside of my house and gave myself a concussion.  I was unable to exert myself at all without lots of dizziness, pain, and mental fog, so I lay on the couch while Brent packed.

We had sent the boys with Brent's parents the day before, so packing wasn't quite as fraught as it usually is.  We had to pack all the kids' stuff, but not with them underfoot, so that was awesome pants.  It was also lovely to drive the 5 hours with only ONE child (granted, that child hates traveling so it wasn't easy but it was easier).

We stayed in Astoria, which has a state campground with nearly 400 sites, but very well laid out so the campground was still peaceful and nice.  Bathrooms with showers.  Plus Brent's parents have a camping trailer so we all stayed in that.  We brought our tent but didn't really need it.  Besides, Oregon coastal beauty is accompanied by nighttime cold, even in August, so the trailer was warmer.

We arrived late at night, and next morning we had pancake breakfast before a long, beautiful day at the beach.

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