Friday, December 7, 2012

Oregon, Day 3

Day 3 we had another slow start, sleeping in and dawdling over breakfast.  Isn't that why vacations are awesome pants?  Yesssss....  We drove to the Astoria Column, which is a very tall tower built on a hill overlooking the Columbia River, Washington State on the North, and the Pacific Ocean to the West.  It is gorgeous and has been recently restored.  The tower depicts scenes from the history of the area.  You can visit the tower for free and climb to the top to enjoy the view but if you like you can donate to the society responsible for its upkeep, and you can purchase these little wooden airplanes for a dollar and fly them from the lookout onto the grass below.  

I'm not keen on heights but I am keen on adventure (I figured, I jumped out of a moving airplane, so I must be able to do this), so I climbed the tower too.  The inside is a spiral staircase, all the way up.  The hardest part of the height in this type of scenario is letting my kids climb up that high.  I just close my eyes when they're climbing.

Pacific ocean straight ahead, a tributary to the left, and deep, large, busy Columbia River to the right

Hugging the tower wall

Then we went back to Canon beach.  Because you just can't get enough Canon Beach in your life =)  It was gorgeous and misty when we arrived, and there was a biology group down at the big rock with educational presentations and information.  The tide was out the perfect amount for the kids to see all the marine life around the rock; sea stars and little fish, sea urchins, tons of mussels, anemonies, and jellies.  It was amazing.

Amarys was delightful.  She loves water and all small critters so she was completely absorbed by the tidal life and the waves.  Here she is chasing the waves back and forth on the sand.  I have the sweetest video of how excited she is but I'm not sure if I can get it to upload properly (I'm trying but running out of patience).  She doesn't like the camera in her face so there's lots of the back of her head but it gives you a glimpse into one of my favorite memories from this trip...

The sunset was magic

So much fun.

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