Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On New Years

My friend Melissa from Vibrant Wanderings posted on FB about making a "Favorites of 2012" list with her daughter as a part of their New Years celebrations.  I loved this idea so much, I copied it!  I just made a list with some questions for my kids, and wrote down their answers on our road trip home from Vernon yesterday.  My kids are hilarious.

1. What is your favorite memory from 2012?

Ayden; My birthday, Christmas day, and skiing.  And the entire summer.

Matthew: All the nice, fun special days, and the skiing.  And of course my birthday.

Riley: Camping!  All the camping trips.

Amarys: Tandy?

Daddy: Oregon coast.  Running on the beach there, visiting the cheese factory, and seeing the coast.

Riley: Oh yeah, I like the cheese factory, too!

Mommy: Hiking in Cape Scott in July.

2. What was your favorite trip from 2012?

Ayden: Oregon

Matthew: Ella and Ruben's house in Port Hardy.

Riley: Otter Lake camping.

Amarys: Tandy?

Daddy: Oregon Coast tied with Vancouver Island trip.

Mommy: Portland trip to see my friends in December, tied with Vancouver Island trip.

3. Favorite food in 2012:

Ayden: Perogies

Matthew: Candy, granny smith apple pie

Riley: Perogies AND candy

Amarys: MILK.

4. Favorite book:

Ayden: Diary of a Wimpy Kid (latest one)

Matthew: Hardy Boys, and Grandad's books (my dad writes stories for the kids, loosely based on wildlife experiences he has had.  My sister bound three of them and illustrated them for my kids for Christmas).

Riley: The Jacknife Robber (a Grandad book)

Amarys: Crabby Crab board book.

Daddy: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series

Mommy: Hunger Games series

5. Favorite game:

Ayden: Mario Glaxy Wii

Matthew: Minecraft and Wii

Riley: Mario Galaxy

Amarys: Hair pulling

Daddy: Raises eyebrow and winks at mommy

Mommy: Cranium

6. Best Friend:

Ayden: Arjun

Matthew: Arjun and Dalton

Riley: Ella and Ruben (cousins)

Amarys: Mommy

Daddy: Mommy

Mommy: Daddy

7. Favorite sport:

Ayden: Skiing

Matthew: Skiing

Riley: Skiing (he's never tried it) and T-ball

Amarys: Nose picking

Daddy: baseball

Mommy: snowboarding

8. Favorite Colour

Ayden: red and blue

Matthew: black

Riley: pink and purple and all the colours

Amarys: unknown.

Daddy: orange

Mommy: red

9. What is your greatest hope for 2013?

Ayden: That I will get lots of money on my birthday

Matthew: That I will get lots of money and Minecraft (computer game)

Riley: That I can sleep in my pirate tent, and have a tent party downstairs.

Amarys: MILK!

Daddy: That we will be a happy, healthy family (and some unmentionable things)

Mommy: That we would find financial unburdening.

Happy New Year!  The Vose Six in all our depth and selflessness..... =)

The Vose Six plus Oliver and my sister Megan


Louise Chapman said...

I love this. Also this makes me see that Gary is normal (if Brent is also considered normal) :)

melissa said...

Ha ha! I am so glad you decided to do this, and I love Amarys and Brent's answers best ;) It was an exciting year for you all! Here's to financial unburdening!

lori said...

It is fantastic that after Brent's response to the favorite game question, your answer was then, "Cranium."

melissa v. said...

Ha, Lor, I found that particularly funny too. Glad you noticed =p