Thursday, January 17, 2013

Today We Did This...


Caryn Ouwehand said...


So jealous.

Tamie said...

Amarys' facial expressions are the best ever. She totally expresses how I often feel! Go, Amarys.

melissa v. said...

Ha! Sorry to rub your face in it, Caryn =P
It IS sick, but so is the rain.

Tamie, you and Amarys share the same soul. Can you tell me how to get her to take a bath??

Tamie said... idea is to get her crayons that she could use in the bath. Like that she could draw on the walls with. That would've been exciting to me as a kid. Are there such things? Does she like bubble baths? I personally hate baths but love showers so I feel her pain. Hm. I will ponder.

melissa v. said...

Tamie; excellent idea. They do make crayons out of soap that kids can write on the walls with.

FUNNY story about bubble bath: she got some for Christmas and she loves playing with bubbles in the sink so I made her a bubble bath without thinking about how she hates change. I stuck her in it and she lifted up one foot like a cat that's walking in a wet spot? Wrinkled her nose, and cried, "DIRTY!!!" It was hilarious.

I got Riley to go in with her, to demonstrate that bubbles are FUN and not scary or dirty, and that totally fixed it.

Bubble baths worked for about three weeks, but she's done with that now. =)
My intuition says she's VERY intelligent and I need to be really creative and on my game to engage her because she gets bored really fast. So the crayons will work, but it will stop working after a short while. So toss me more ideas if you have them!!!

I'm going out to buy soap crayons TODAY. =)

Tamie said...

Yeah, I think that's the deal with me too, honestly. Or, like, was the deal with me as a kid. Creative and intelligent. Makes it tricky for everyone else! :)

This may sound crazy, but what do you think she'd think about candles and quiet music in the bath? I have no idea what I'd have thought about that as a kid, but in addition to being creative and intelligent, I was definitely a contemplative little kid and I LOVED candlelight. I mean, you could put the candles on the sink so they wouldn't be dangerous to her. But just, like, the candlelight might draw her?

Or like, what about glo sticks in the bath that she could play with, with the lights out?

I'm just thinking about stuff I would've liked as a kid.

More soon.