Friday, February 22, 2013

Four and a Half

On Valentine's Day Riley repeatedly pronounced to everyone we met: "TODAY IS MY HAF BUFFDAY!"  I can't believe my peanut is FOUR AND A HALF already =)  Isn't he cute?!

Riley is a lovely monkey.  He loves to run, jump, spin, dance, sing, and play Wii.  His favourite thing in the whole world to do is camping.  He has trouble with the whole concept of there being a camping season and a camping off season.  He begs us to go camping every week.  At New Years Brent had the brilliant idea to pitch the tent in the playroom (Riley wanted to pitch it in the backyard), and the boys camped indoors to bring in 2013.  The tent stayed pitched in the playroom until last week.

He also loves to march to his own drum.  The best compliment you can give this boy is "Riley, you're weird."
"I'M WEE-AD, I'M WEE-AD, I'M WEEEEEEEE-AD!!!!" complete with wiggly butt dance.  We signed him up for hip hop classes because he literally never stops dancing, all day, every day.  Why not harness that energy and focus it in the direction of cool fun?

Riley also loves math.  He counts up to a hundred, backwards by tens, and upwards by twos.  He likes geometry puzzles and patterns.  He's working on the concept of time.  "Is sirty minutes a long time or a short time, mommy?"

He's also a whiner.  Is it a third child thing?  Or just a four year old thing?  But he is very proficient at flopping on the floor and flinging his voice across several octaves in just three or four words.  He doesn't like bugs, spiders, lumps in his bed, or onions in his food.  He loves all other food.  He eats like a piggy and is skinny as a rake.  He L.O.V.E.S. preschool.  And playdates.  He lobbies for playdates every single day.  Woe to the parent who says not today.

This kid is naturally sweet.  He shares without thinking.  He loves to give gifts and everywhere we go, he asks, "Can we buy this for so-and-so?"  When his cousin and best friend Ella lost her house and all her toys to a fire, he ran to his bedroom and gathered up his beloved My Little Ponies and plunked them in a box for her.  He hugs everyone.  His face lights up at everyone he meets, and he wants so desperately to tell them all his stories and he's so cute with his long eyelashes and dimples and flirtatious ways that nearly everyone stops to listen.

He loves to hear birth stories.  He is obsessed with the umbilical cord.  He still misses breastfeeding.  He loves his sister.  He swims in his sleep and winds up in the middle of his bedroom floor on a regular basis.  I love him, I love him, I love him.

Happy half birthday, love.



Rachel Lautaret said...

I love him too. xoxo

melissa said...

I want to have a play date with you and Riley!!

I love that sweater. Between his cool clothes, his killer smile, and his hip hop moves, that boy is going to be way too cool for the rest of you ;)

melissa v. said...

Ha ha! Yes, he is WAY too cool for the rest of us =) And we'd LOVE a playdate with you!!!! We just need a jet plane to do that...