Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love You Guys

I'm sorry I've been absent from the bloggity blog lately.  I have two things I'd like to share with you, one good and one bad.

First, the bad.

Brent's brother and sister in law (Brian and Billie) and my niece and two nephews (Ella, Ruben, and Myles), lost their home to a fire early Monday morning.  They and their dog Indie got out with only the pyjamas they were wearing, and their vehicles.  We are so grateful no one was hurt but overwhelmed by how close a call it was.  They really didn't have much time to spare, and all of their most treasured possessions are gone, many of them irreplaceable.  Please pray for them, and for the rest of us as we grapple with grief and retroactive fear for their safety, and most of all knowing how best to help them.

Next, the good.

Brent's job has offered us a transfer.  This means we are moving!  Brent and I have been kind of planning or wishing or hoping to move to a more rural area for a number of years.  Particularly this past year, moving has been a big part of our 'big picture' financial survival plan because where we live is ranked highest in the world for housing costs.  We even beat Hong Kong sometime last June or so.

We got posted to the next town over from Brian and Billie and the kids, which is SUPER because we love them and will very much enjoy living closer.  The town we got posted to is Port McNeill on the Northern tip of Vancouver Island~remote, small, fishing and logging town on the east coast of the Island.  Almost all the homes in town have an ocean view.  Houses are affordable.  The town sounds unique and full of character, and there is TONS of outdoors stuff to do: hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, boating, bonfires on the beach: you name it!  We are SUPER excited.  SUPER.  Of course we're sad to leave behind all the friends and family and an amazing church, a fantastic elementary school, and all our myriad resources, everything from our awesome dentist to our naturopath and pediatrician... But I have the feeling this adventure is going to be pretty fantastic for us.  I moved to Langley in 1996 planning on staying four years to get my university degree and then leaving on the fastest boat out of this "big city."  HA!  Seventeen years later and I'm still here.  [Sheesh]
I'm ready for an adventure.  We're ready to see what this part of the world is like, and how we might get the most out of four years in a remote setting (our posting is temporary--four years minimum, perhaps a bit less or a bit more, we shall see how it works out).

The kids cried when we told them.  I mean, Amarys was sleeping so she didn't care.  Ayden cried very genuinely and is taking some time to come around to the idea of leaving his friends and the only city he's ever called home.  Matthew cried initially but is excited about it now.  Riley cried because his brothers were crying and he doesn't really care.  He's looking forward to living closer to his best friend, Ella.  =)

As for you, lovely friends?  COME VISIT!  We will need all the love we can get, and the visitors, as we adjust to such a big move.  And an even wetter climate than the one we "enjoy" now.  We will have a spare bedroom and lots of love and probably fresh halibut we caught from the sea in our freezer, so COME!  =)  We would love to have you.

SQUEEEEE!!  I'm so excited!  Onward!  Here is what I'm most looking forward to:
-a new adventure
-free ranging my kids without a second thought, and without judgment from other parents
-hours of my kids playing in the woods, on the streets, or at the beach
-enjoying Cape Scott (never mind the wolf warnings at the top there... lol)
-hours of my kids riding their bikes around town unsupervised
-swimming in the ocean
-watching whales FROM MY FRONT PORCH
-eating amazing fresh seafood
-financial freedom to catch our breath, get our heads above water, and actually be able to afford our lives for the first time in our entire marriage
-clean air
-clean water
-slower pace
-no traffic
-wilderness, wilderness, wilderness.  YES.

So: pray for Brian and Billie and family, and celebrate with us as we prepare to move sometime in the next year.  Thanks!!


melissa said...

Amazing news! I am so happy for you! Definitely thinking of Brian and Billie and family, though. That must have been terrifying. Thank goodness they have such loving, supportive family.

Tonya said...

That is awesome for you guys! I can't wait to hear all about the adventure of living there and I want to see lots of pictures!

Thanks for the update on Brian and Billie. I heard they had a fire, but didn't know any details. Is there anything we can do from here?

Caryn Ouwehand said...

So sorry to hear about your in-laws fire. That is terrible.

As for the move, WOW! What an awesome adventure to head out on. Good for you guys, the place sounds beautiful! Hooray Wilderness!

Andrea said...

Congrats on your pending move! Sounds like a great place to live!

So sorry to hear about the fire. How awful.

lori said...

Well, since I've already passed along my sincere congratulations for your move (but continued yayyyyys!), I will comment on your family's fire. What you say about retroactive fear - YES. Oh my goodness. Thinking of all the possibilities is just terrifying. And I don't know; house fires always happen to "other" people; it's sometimes hard to take the threat seriously and take precautions, but what a wake up to have it be someone so close to you. Jason was just mentioning yesterday that this house we're in doesn't have many alarms, something we need to remedy.