Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Fridge Needs Cleaning

My fridge has morphed into a demon.  There is this dark cloud that hovers about three inches into it, and beyond the cloud?  Nobody knows.  It is not possible to fit anything new into it.  There is a juice container on the bottom shelf growing something from last November.  Mysterious smells emit.

I'm avoiding it.

Also: my kids are awesome pants.  Riley asked me today, "Mommy, can you show me a picture of a baby being born so I can paint a picture of it?  Don't forget the umvilical cord."  Son of a doula.  Matthew got 100% on his spelling test last week.  He even got 2 bonus words.  That's twenty words.  My kid.  Hard won.  So proud.  Ayden is wrestling some resurfacing anxiety: Tamie bought me a SAD lamp which we gleefully call the HAPPY LIGHT, and I've been putting him in front of it as well as myself, whenever we can manage.  Hopefully that will help.  Amarys is wild and untamed, and talks like a banshee.  After 3 speech delayed boys, a pre-2 year old girl who talks this much is astounding.

I'm going to Ikea.

I'm making beans in my crock pot.

I did Zumba this morning.

The end.


melissa said...

Birthy drawings, chatty little girls, and mama time are totally worth ignoring the fridge for. You know it's just going to get dirty again anyway!

Caryn Ouwehand said...

I seriously HATE cleaning the fridge. I feel your pain. If it makes you feel better I threw out something from October the other day. NASTY BALLS!

Tamie said...

Your life is amazing.

Buy dynamite. Light it. Insert it into the refrigerator.

Or, a grenade.