Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mini Update

Sorry I'm lagging in my blogging =) You are awesome, especially Tamie who comes back to nag me when I don't post in awhile!  Well, you're all equally awesome but Tamie's reminders prompt me to post.

I have several posts up my sleeve but for now a few bullets

-Amarys puked all night.  Stomach flu, with a fever.  Pray hard it doesn't spread like wildfire in our family like it did at Christmas, that was a disgustingness I never want to repeat.

-Spring break is looking way up.  After the first day, in which 4 hours of March Break was 4 hours of parental torture, trapped in our house by the weather, and containing 3 small boys with energy to BURN, also trying to work, and solo parenting?  It's fortunate nobody died.

[disclaimer: I am not one of those parents who bemoans breaks from school.  I like to spend time with my kids and having them around is one of my favourite things.  But certain circumstances set me up for poking out my own eyeballs in frustration and one of them is being trapped in the house with excessive boy energy]

-Yesterday was WARM and SUNNY!  We went to the park midday and all took off our sweaters because it was too HOT for sweaters!  The upside to living in a rainforest is that spring comes early.  Our tulips are erupting as we speak.  *dancing*

-My friend Louise took some family photos of us, so excited to share.  She's awesome pants and does all our pro photos.  I will share as soon as I can.

-Our house is almost ready to put on the market.  Brent and I are bagged.  And stressed out.  Repainting, purging, organizing, cleaning, 1800 square feet seems so much larger when you're selling than when you're buying, that's for certain.

-My friend Rob has been posting videos of his baby on FB (he lives in Korea) and OHMYGOSH is he ever CUUUUUUUTE!!  Babies are awesome.

-Speaking of, I'm having serious baby cravings.  I DON'T want one and it would be impossible for us if we did, because we're sterile (surgically).  But Amarys is now two and really can't be considered a baby anymore, and man do I looooove me some squishy baby love.  I can't understand people who don't like babies.  Seriously.  Tiny, fragile, hosts of pure holiness and receptacles for love, is what I think.  Amazingpants.  So.  Somebody have a baby so I can snuggle it.

-Also, people have been commenting who have not commented before, all of a sudden!  Also amazingpants.

-I gotta go work.  More to come soon!


Caryn Ouwehand said...

Oooh, cant wait to see the photos that Louise took. I love her style!

tamie marie said...

How's Amarys? How's Spring Break? When are you putting up photos?