Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Those Five Things

You guys are all kinds of awesome, your answers are hilarious to the five things questions!  Yes, I believe Texas hair is blond, big, and kind of doesn't move when the head was shaken.  Fascinating and gross.  =)

Here is my take on the five...

  1. Greek yogurt. Yes or no?
  2. What’s one book you liked that you’re at least a little embarrassed you read?
  3. Tuesdays. 3 o’clock. Explain.
  4. How do you feel about Texas hair? 
  5. Fill in the blank: The last time I had to clean up something wet but not mine was? __________________________.

1. YES. And no.  Yes it is yummy and awesome and I sincerely believe in fat in yogurt and other food.  When we were camping in Oregon last summer I noticed that it is virtually impossible to buy yogurt, cream, and many other dairy products in the U.S. with a substantial amount of fat in them.  Us Canadians love our fat.  But we are skinnier.  Hm.
Anyways, the no part?  I've developed lactose intolerance since Amarys was born.  So eating Greek yogurt gives me so much pain and toilet visiting that it is not worth it.  Goodbye, yummy Greek yogurt with all that fat.  Goodbye also cheese.  Ice cream.  So sad.

2. I'm a big John Grisham fan.  I mostly don't feel embarrassed about this, although I do feel the need to justify the presence of his books on my bookshelf.

3. Simultaneously feeding four little people an after school snack, cleaning the kitchen, helping with homework, and planning dinner.  Worrying about when I will have time to work (technical writing and social media management for an online company, which is helping pay the bills in the meantime while I wait for 911 dispatching to materialize).  

4. Texas hair makes me impatient with humanity.

5. The last time I had to clean up something wet that was not mine was cat diarrhea in my dining room.  This question is awesome.

FIVE MORE THINGS, if you liked the first five or you feel like jumping in with some answers on this one (visit 5 Kids is a Lot of Kids if you want to participate on a larger scale or just read something really funny)

5 Quick Questionsa fill-in-the-blank exercise
  1. My fridge is the place where _______________ goes to die.
  2. Once, in the dark, I stepped on ________________.
  3. I’m from ____________. We’re known for ______________. This makes me feel ____________.
  4. My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is ________________. (Links and/or recipe-sharing encouraged.)
  5. Ben & Jerry’s best ice cream flavor of all time is ___________________. (If you don’t have Ben & Jerry’s where you live, please share what you eat that’s frozen, sweet and should make us all jealous.)


Tamie said...

1. Parsley. We eat everything else, but no one cooks with parsley.

2. How, oh how many times, have I stepped on fish in the dark?

3. I'm from Indiana. We're known for corn. This makes me feel hungry.

4. My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is...um....comrade, I don't really need a family-friendly meal. Although, if I want to get Ariel to eat properly, going out to eat is always a good idea. She eats more that way! Especially sushi, oddly enough.

5. Ben & Jerry's best ice cream flavor of all time is.....the kind with lots of fudge and caramel and chocolate but no peanuts.

melissa v. said...

Yay! clapping! Lol to fish in the dark, OH MY GOD.

tamie marie said...