Sunday, January 12, 2014

My First Craft Fair Was a Big Success


Tamie said...

You are so freaking industrious! It's amazing!!!
Where was this craft fair held?

melissa v. said...

Thanks! I worked on a stockpile all fall. I sold about $300 worth of stuff; the Santa hats were the most popular.

I have found my industriousness to have increased measurably since having kids. Not the first year; babies need too much work and make you too tired to be industrious, but afterwards, it's like I only have a few hours that are not taken up with feeding and caring, so I make those hours freaking COUNT. There's an idea that mothers produce less but we produce more.

Caitlin Moran agrees.

The craft fair was in my town, before Christmas. It's an annual event and the table cost $30. =)

Jen S. said...

Adorable! How the hell do you do it Vose?

Jen S. said...

Ahh, I see now. Increased industriousness since having kids, you say? I wonder when that will happen to me. Maybe I just need more kids. ;)